Rank One of Factions explained

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    As a supplement to Faction insight and Theme

    • New rank 1 members of the Major factions are responsible to introduce themselves to the higher ranks, contact the ranking PCs first of all, if there are none contacting the NPCs via letter works too. (Don't contact faction leaders directly, addressing the letter to just the faction in general is recommended.)
    • Either the rank 1 member does a task set by themselves to prove their worth, are given one by the higher ranking PCs, or the NPC responding to the letter grants them a task. It should be simple enough to complete in a few days, maximum a week.
    • Rank 1 members are welcome to submit their lite application for promotion when they feel ready to do so, listing what they have done IG so far and attaching any recommendations.
    • At times DMs may create applications for the player, this cannot be requested and is done at the DMs own leisure. Nor should someone who feel they deserve a promotion wait for a DM to do it for them.
    • Rank 1 is a raw recruit, not yet known or trusted with faction business. They get access to the discord channel to help with earning Rank 2 via assigned tasks, writing applications, and for OOC coordination.
    • Rank 2+ is considered a full and trusted member of the faction and therefore granted forum access and faction specific perks based on rank. (Wages, Stores, Storage, Private Rooms for Rank 3+, etc)

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