Meteor Swarm, Lesser is a self-target AoE that hits the caster

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    This spell deals 3d6 bludgeoning and 2d6 fire damage, plus 1d6 fire damage for every 3 levels past 7, to all targets in a 6 2/3-meter radius around the caster.
    So it does 6d6 split damage at lvl 10, which is shit first of all, but this is a bug report not a suggestion.

    The spell is supposed to be self-target only, but you can target the floor/people. The caster then runs up to that point and casts the spell on themself.
    The spell damages everyone and everything including the caster. I imagine it's not supposed to damage the caster.

    While this is being worked on, I think the damage needs to be buffed. It's worse than Lesser Firestorm, which is 1d6/lvl, which is still bad.
    I think making it long range and deal split damage (bludgeoning/fire) up to 10d8 (3d8 blud, 7d8 fire) OR up to 10d6 (3d6 blud, 7d6 fire) but no save for half would make it viable compared to empowered fireball or firebrand.
    It would be a choice of superior damage (empowered fireball), no friendly fire (firebrand), or saveless damage.

  • Admin [DM]

    Fix attemped v6733

  • Admin [DM]

    Has the fix been tested?

  • @Puffy

    Works client side. Should work in game. Targeting fixed per 6767.

  • Bump on this, still an issue.
    The character still can target the floor, the caster runs there and is damaged as well. (It was a bit illogical for me to cast a meteor swarm to myself, that's why my first thought was to cast it on the ground. But I nearly died in the process ๐Ÿ˜ƒ )
    Or if this cannot be fixed, please put a big OOC disclaimer in the spell description to cast this only on yourself otherwise you'll die ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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