The Bloody Baron of House Misrim

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The legacy of the Bloody Baron of House Misrim, Obyn, reared its ugly head once more.

    Charged with the crime of assault upon two fangs of House Vaylan while in the Misrim Estate- the unusual decision to place Exechequor and Royal Officiate Victor Grauch in charge of the trial of the family he ostensibly serves.

    Into the trial, it quickly became apparent that the Baron took none of it seriously, making lewd and derogatory remarks about the victims of the crimes he stood accused of- and that of the Court itself, calling it corrupt and baseless, and mercilessly mocking the judge, who wore his very house's colors.

    Ultimately, Obyn fired the judge from the Misrim colors in the middle of the trial, Further, upon being unanimously guilty despite obvious attempts to bribe the Jury, he was fined merely 10,000 gold, leaving House Vaylan and the Crimson Guard deeply unsatisfied.

    The judge- essentially forced to strip naked once the trial was over to remove his Misrim issued equipment, charged Obyn in a last ditch effort to slay who he perceived as a traitor of the Revolution.

    Anastcha ordered the newly promoted Exechequor Saalir to resolve the matter. Obyn requested Victor's immediate execution for attempted murder- and upon Victor's confession of his intent, Obyn got his wish.

    The city braces for the fight between two pillars of the revolution clashing, with Gondegal's masked presence enigmatically cheering one side or the other.

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