I got a new copy of nwn2 and

  • decided to pop over to TOM and visit, and do you know the darnest things that have over there, from our devout anti hak crusaders

    they have haks, i dont think its many but i did see heads which would be so welcome here in coa to not have the six people, all standing about looking almost as sextuplets

    and i forgot how confusing nwn2 is straight out of box to handle

  • NWN2 downloads haks automatically on trying to log onto a server I believe, with NWN you need to search around on the internet to find them. The issue isn't haks themselves, it's in trying to keep the server in a state where people can just see it on the server-list, log in and play.

  • thought we had someone make a auto hak loader for nwn in the vault

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