[Moonsea Mercenaries]

  • "With the rise of trade and demand for mercenaries in the City, new hopeful bands of mercenaries flock to Arabel. One of the more notable ones being an impressive band of black armoured warriors from Moonsea, whose discipline and unison is much sought after. Rather than seeking employment through House Vaylan, they have instead chosen to freelance.

  • More and more of the armored warriors appear. They offer themselves out and are notably as professional, if not moreso, than Valyan mercenaries and are courteous. Some groups in the city are speaking of them as preferable to the Crimson Guard, especially in regards to property security...

    When contacted about their leader, they inform any interested parties that the Black Wolf is reachable at the Falcon's Rest.

  • [Now available to meet IG]

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