[Wrath of Raloris]

  • The Arabellan underworld is shaken as stories of the infamous Raloris siblings are becoming more active, for reasons yet unknown.

    A black arrow head, the calling card of the youngest Raloris known as Perwreak, is said to have been found in at least three crime scenes across Arabel.

    The most recent crime scene in the Clover Market has taverns awash with hushed whispers saying that mages are being targeted.

  • Admin [DM]

    An attempted assassination of the Crimson Lady has failed, with many suspecting the Raloris for the attack..

  • Admin [DM]

    Yet another assassination attempt has been made upon the Crimson Lady, this time the attacker did not survive.

  • Eldreth Veluuthra agents are frequently being seen in most of the forested regions around Arabel. Word is spreading that they are looking for something important to Zumren Raloris, the second of the infamous Raloris siblings wanted by Gondegal for a host of crimes. Fires in the forest, magical anomalies and dead travelers all searched for anything valuable...

  • Word spreads through the region quicker than a wintry wind.

    The second Raloris sibling, Zumren the wizard, has met her fate.

    Many in Arabel and the land are quick to criticize the elven embassy for releasing her soul to Arvandor. Many say that was unjustified end for all the crimes she and her brothers committed. Others dismiss the issue saying Zumren is dead and no longer a threat, and that is the final outcome desired.

    Either way, the Palace and the elven embassy celebrate the adventurers, led by Watcher Francis, the Blue Mage Olise and the Great Druid Nan.

    House Misrim celebrates yet another heroic deed by its senior retainer, Victor Grauch as well. The other adventurers are rewarded in gold coin and whatever treasure they found possessed by Zumren.

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