Starting Equipment: Tower of Raubagaush

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    Gear and Uniform

    Novice (Non-App)

    Gear Properties Description
    Novice Robe +2 Lore/ Spellcraft “The lowest of the low in the Tower, Novices are expected to show their quality and value in short order to the Tower or be tossed out.”

    Apprentice (App/Easy App with IC Recommendation)

    Gear Properties Description
    Tower Visor (Baton and Apprentice) +1 vs Mind Affecting, +2 Concentration
    Apprentice Cloak Endure Elements (1/day), +1 Will Save “A minorly enchanted cloak marking its wearer as a part of mysterious Tower of Raubagaush. This cloak offers some protection against the common dangers of magical research.
    Apprentice Garb Mage Armor/Identify (1/day), +2 Lore/Spellcraft; Bonus Sorcerer slot level 1 (2); Bonus Sorcerer slot level 2 (1); Bonus Wizard slot level 1 (2) Having proved their quality, the Apprentice is now expected to perform contribution tasks and begin researching topics to advance the Tower and Magic. This fashionable garb offers modest protection from the mundane those who would interfere with Tower business.

    Tower Guard

    Baton (Apprentice) The Baton is the entry rank of the Tower Guard. Assigned to a promising apprentice they are steel against steel in defense of their Mage

    Gear Properties Description
    Baton’s Cloak 5/- Fire Resistance, +2 vs Death
    Baton’s (Plate, Chainmail, Chain Shirt,) +1 AC, +2 vs Outsiders, +1 Discipline
    Baton's Leather +1 AC, +2 vs Outsiders, +1 Hide/MS
    Baton's Cloth Armor Cloth Armor, Cat's Grace 1/day, Owl's Wisdom 1/day, +1 Discipline Worn by Batons who are adverse to wearing metal, these garb offer protection nonetheless against those who would harm the Tower.
    Tower Visor (Apprentice and Baton) +1 vs Mind Affecting, +2 Concentration
    Baton’s Shield +1 AC

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