Starting Equipment: Crimson Guard of House Vaylan

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    Gear Properties Description
    Brown Cloak 5/- Cold Resistance “Named for the shit they endure, the cloaks are issued to the fresh recruits in the Vipers. They shelter the wearers from the cold as they stand long hours of guard duty and pray for a chance to prove themselves in battle”

    FANG(App/Easy App with IC Recommendation)

    Gear Properties Description
    Blood Cloak 5/- Cold Resistance, +1 vs Disease, Blood Frenzy (7) 1/day “Marking the wearer a blooded member of the Crimson Guards, these cloaks shelter the Fangs from the cold and provide resistance against the disease so commonly found in the mud and blood of battle”
    Fang's Plate/Chainmail +1 AC, +2 AC vs Human, +3 Intimidate, +1 Mind-affecting “The armor of a Fang in the Crimson Guard, it is designed for increased effectiveness against the most common foes of the renowned mercenary regiment.”
    Fang's Chain Shirt +1 AC, +2 AC vs Human, +2 Hide/MS, +1 Mind-affecting "While more known for wearing intimidating heavier armour, there are those in the Crimson Guard who emphasize stealth. These chainshirts are designed for increased effectiveness against the most common foes of the renowned mercenary regiment."
    Arcanist Battle Garb Mage Armor (2) 1/day, +2 Conc/Disc, Sorcerer lvl 1 (2), Wizard lvl1 (1) "Arcane ability can snatch victory from defeat....or the opposite. This is the battle garb of a Fang in the Crimson Guard. Expected to stand in battle with the regiment, this suit increases the likelihood of survival and usefulness to the wearer's comrade in arms."
    Fang’s Helm +2 Spot/Listen, Cure Minor Wound (5/day) “ While not known for using their head, this helmet of a Fang in the Crimson Guard aides its wearer in maintaining awareness on the battlefield and coming home alive.”
    Fang's Kite DR Piercing 5/-, 80% Weight " Enough arrows to block out the Sun, then we'll fight in the shade"
    Blooded Fang +1 AB vs Human, 1d4 Sonic “ A replica of the famed halberd of the Crimson Lady, this potent weapon is issued to all those in the Vipers and they constantly drill with it. Some say the Crimson Lady herself watches for those displaying great skill for personal -instruction-“

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