Faction Insight and Theme

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    Each faction has a certain focus and style, which reflects in the faction perks. This means the available gear and perks are tailored around this theme. We recommend all players interested in joining one of these faction have a look and see how their concept would fit into the general theme. Please note that certain play styles won't be catered to in certain factions.

    All the non app faction NPCs can be found in the Faceless Inn. Talk to one of the them and follow the dialogue to gain Rank 1(appless). Go to the faction base to access the store and get the first of the gear.

    To become Rank 2 there are two options

    • Hook up with an existing PC in the faction for guidance of what tasks need doing and earn IC recommendation.
    • Let a DM know what you have done that you think is pertinent to the faction and get feedback/NPC IC recommendation

    Rank 1 is supposed to be a brief stint so if it takes longer than a week or two (depending on IG time) then always contact a DM for feedback.

    There is always the opportunity to submit a normal application to begin at Rank 2.

    N.B Faction Gear is required to be worn, so keep that in mind as you are working on the build for your concept.

    Crimson Guard

    • Primarily armored melee combatants favoring the Halberd with the few arcanists expected to actively contribute to victory by effective use of magic. Cowardice will not be tolerated. Everybody fights. Nobody quits. If you flee to save you own skin to the detriment of the Guard, the Crimson Lady will kill you herself. The Crimson Lady is a renowned Weapons Master of the Halberd and as such provides that weapon to any would be student who wishes to take it up. More perks around this to those that EiG.

    • They seek to replace Gondegal with their Crimson Lady, Jastyne Vaylan. While Olaf holds considerable sway in the city he is absent much of the time as commander of the mercenary army. His once friend proving less capable with every passing year, he looks to his family and the loyal cadre of men and women in the Crimson Guard to both protect his daughter and advance her claim while he keeps the Cormyrean Dragons at bay so that she has something to rule.

    House of Coin

    • The House favors those who use wit, charm, and social skills rather then raw/brute force to achieve its goals. If that fails outright larceny or worse has it’s place. They do not shy away from acts of violence, precise or not, when the situation calls for it. Primarily interested in increasing the standing of the house through acquiring of wealth, power, favour and influence. Those within the house are often heavily invested in skills associated with merchants, diplomats, and the blue blooded elite. The right person for the right task is a guiding principle.

    • A divided house still, the matron has not yet acknowledged which of her grandchildren will be next ruler of Arabel but it will be one of them and before she dies. Just as they did during the revolution, the House of Coin slowly gains influence in the city with growing wealth, privilege and reminding people that old system of noblese oblige was not completely flawed. It was self absorbed rulers in distant Suzail who abandoned them and failed to honor oaths of fealty. Misrim remained true to the people and seeks to unite commoner and noble in forming a true Kingdom, not the rabble remains of a naive revolution.

    The Vigilant Sun

    • The faction is highly focused on the ideals of a perfect civilization where everyone contributes to the community. Criminals and lawlessness are not permitted. They champion for strong law and order and actively oppose selfishness hunt down those who would harm others.

    • After years of failure they now entrench themselves in the city as the default enforcers of the law. With few allies in Vaylan, Misrim or the Tower, they are bring both stability and uncertainty to a teetering realm.While neither the Confessor or the Eternal have made any move to replace Gondegal, their very existence and oaths are anathema to the rulership of Gondegal. Inevitably they will find themselves at odds with the Masked King.

    Tower of Raubagaush

    • The Tower has been many things since the revolution, showing the best and worst that the pursuit of knowledge brings. Until recently content to remain neutral and maintain the status quo, a more aggressive faction within has rose to prominence, seeing themselves as the only ones able to competently rule. Re-ordered and restructured, the Tower now turns its gaze to the mysteries of untold riches and power of the broken Helmland,

    • There are two application factions within the tower. The "Mages" and the "Guards" The Tower wields incredible IC power but there are extreme IC consequences for failure or embarrassment. Think what would happen if you blended the War Wizards with the Red Wizards of Thay and sprinkled in a dose of the old Mage Guild's notable members. While the highest profile members of the Tower are often the Mages, Wizards primarily but not lacking Sorcerers, Bards and the rare Cleric, there is a growing cadre of treasure hunters, thrill seekers, historians, and educated warrior types being recruited to the guard.

    Happy Gaming!

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    Additional info about how to join and move from Rank 1 to Rank 2.


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    Added some additional info to the Tower to reflect changes to the Tower Guards

    • Tower Guards are now stand alone application positions following the same rules as other factions.

    Adjusted the write ups for the other major factions.

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