Module Changes

  • Special Change(Not linked to any version):

    We have made a change to two key major files:

    1. File that deals with language translations
    2. File that deals with options carried over in conversations

    We did not merge this with any version, so we can monitor any impact closely.
    Please keep your eyes open and report any issues you may encounter in Languages/Conversation areas.

  • Admin [DM]


    • Immersea updated to reflect recent events
    • Prestige chests added to Faceless Inn and Immersea
    • New hints added to the Stonelands and Tilverton, CARES reviewed

  • Admin [DM]


    • Various lore nuggets scattered across the server
    • Monster Loot Drop % Raised CONSIDERABLY!

  • Admin [DM]


    • Two new areas in the King's Forest
    • Various new lore added IG

  • Admin [DM]


    • Minor bug with Ants Optional, will be resolved soon. For now the quest is unavailable.

  • Admin [DM]


    The following quests are now available IG AND should be fully functional, bug reports are to be posted at the usual forums.

    Troll Bog (6-9)
    Party Size: 1-10
    Quest Giver: Jessikah Tinga, located in King's Forest, Collinwood

    Raging Elementals (6-9)
    Party Size: 1-10
    Quest Giver: Jacqueline Farsight, located in Helmlands, Blasted Lands

    Hullack Bandits (6-9)
    Party Size: 1-10
    Quest Giver: Hullack Bandits, located in Hullack Forest, High Crimmond

    OPTIONAL High Road Ants (1-10) Only Accessible inside the 6-9 quest
    Party Size: 1-10
    Quest Giver: Dorian the Myrmecologist, located in Outskirts: High Road

    Additional notes:

    All 4-6 and 6-9 quests can now be soloed at your own risk.
    All delivery quests have had their exp reward lowered, gold remains the same.

  • Admin [DM]


    • Immersea has been split into 3 areas to lower the area size
    • The King's Forest has 2 new areas added to it.

  • Admin [DM]


    • Monsters will no longer drop healing wands, instead they will mainly drop prestige items.
    • Healing wands will now offer prestige points when collected from quests.

  • Admin [DM]


    • East Way, Masonrer's Bridge updated with CARES and decoration
    • King's Forest has 2 new underground areas
    • 7 new treasure maps available

  • Admin [DM]


    • CARES updated with new improved FROST ORCS and BUGBEARS! Much love to Echo and Prof
    • Various tweaks to faction storages to reflect last months prestige status
    • Bug fixes to some hidden triggers
    • New curious lore!
    • New exciting prestige items, plus updates to some stores

  • Admin [DM]


    • Kenkus are no longer available as a PC race
    • The Mortuary is no longer available as a lesser faction

  • Admin [DM]


    • CARES updated
    • Various areas updated IG to reflect recent IG events
    • Abbey updated to reflect recent IG events

  • Admin [DM]


    • The People's Palace now has a fetch quest
    • Updated done IG to reflect recent IG events
    • Courier updated

  • Admin [DM]


    • Module updated to reflect recent IC events
    • High Crimmond and Murdered Manticore now has prestige stores, items to be added
    • Wages can be collected by dodgy concepts outside the Palace, Palace goers should avoid using these NPCs for wages and Dodgy Concepts should avoid the Palace
    • Two new Courier quests have been added IG that can be done outside the city

  • v6931:

    • Imbuing System released

  • V6937:

    Lycanthropes have received a boost. Will be live from next reset.

  • Admin [DM]


    Some of the harvestable crafting materials have been updated to stackable versions:

    Stacks of 10:

    Grains: Barley, Corn, Oat, Rice, Rye, Wheat
    Fruits: Raspberry, Juniper Berry, Grape, Eldberry, Cranberry, Cherry, Blueberry, Blackberry
    Mushrooms: Yellow, White, Striped, Spotted, Red, Purple, Black,
    Nuts: Almond, Chestnut, Hazelnut, Pecan, Walnut

    Stacks of 5:

    Fruits: Pear, Apple

    I'll work on the leaves & flowers when I have time.

    This will apply to newly-harvested materials only.

    No, I will not replace the hundreds of plants/nuts/fruits in your inventory for you.

  • Admin [DM]


    • People's Palace updated
    • Misrim House Guards updated
    • City updated in General
    • Areas updated across the mod to reflect recent events

  • Admin [DM]

    Barbarian Changes
    Rogue Changes
    Starter Store update
    Starting Gold increased
    Level 4-6 end quest xp doubled
    Scummy Store added to module

  • Admin [DM]


    Crafting DC base lowered from 11 to 10
    Stackable versions of Owl, Raven, Falcon Feathers added
    Stackable versions of Roots: Black Cohosh, Comfrey, Echinacea, Ginger, Ginseng, Terinav
    Tailoring Models added to Immersea and Eveningstar
    New items in the bazaar

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