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  • Storyteller [DM]

    Hey, I might run weekly NwN D&D style sessions where I tell a story with players as characters. These sessions would be done Saturday around 6:00pm EST (sorry Euro Crowd) or Sunday around 1:00pm EST.

    Your character would be a local villager, trainee priest, apprenticed wizard, militia student, or etc... as appropriate for your class. Goblins got near your village and you need to clear them out.

    I imagine a classical pnp style D&D campaign from levels 3-20 with largely using base NwN assets and my own [terrible] building skills.

    If you're interested, I'll begin building for it, but please keep in mind, I want a reliable, and consistent group of people. I will also be running individual stuff as appropriate in 'off' or 'singular' sessions.

    So, thoughts?

  • Yes pls. I can do either time, but the earlier one on Sunday would probably be more convenient for me.

    I shall be a village ruffian or a member of a local angsty band (rogue or punk bard).

  • Depending on my work and sleep schedule, I may be interested

  • I'd be down for Saturday, but Friday if possible would work even better. I work on Sundays.

  • I can make both times pretty reliably I think!

  • I'm in. For Mama Yondalla! 😁

  • @Foley Same here.
    This is not what Spiffy asked for though. 😞

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