Summon Theme: Ooze

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    Server Version: 6228
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    All oozes seem to be missing the usual electrical immunity that vanilla oozes have (50% iirc).
    Summon 1 is a naked dwarf.
    Summon 2 is fine.
    Summon 3 AI is broken. It doesn't follow me or commands. It is missing ammo and blindsight 60ft. Unsure how powerful this will be without knowing what ammo it has. Making this the same (but slightly stronger) than the v5 summon 2 ooze would be fine. iirc it had 1d4 or 1d6 acid damage on the bullets and On Hit: Paralysis DC14 or 16. The on hit was either 25% or 50%.
    Summon 4's is missing blindsight 60ft and its aura hits everyone including the conjurer and allies. When it's in combat it doesn't seem to like following orders, which means if you walk near it once, it will just follow you trying to paralyse you. It's also a bit too weak. I'd advise bumping the DI up a bit more as 6 AC and 82 hp is killed too quickly.
    Summon 5 has the same aura and AI issue as summon 4. I don't remember how much DI it has, but again, AC and hp are a bit too low and it could do with more protection. A small amount of DR would probably do well.
    Summon 6 is missing blindsight 60ft. Its AI is broken and it doesn't follow me or attack. Can't tell if it has any special abilities, but it seems too weak from stats alone. It should be given more AB and hp. If it's supposed to be a damage dealer, I'd suggest more AB and knockdown so it can try to get more use out of its 2d6 sneak attacks.
    Summon 7 has no ooze immunities, but I suppose it doesn't matter very much on this one. The AI is broken though and it won't follow me/attack/etc. Also, the on death effect doesn't trigger. Not sure how strong the on death effect is due to this, but it seems likely it will kill the caster due to how large I've been told the AoE is. I would suggest making it so it can't hurt the caster or make it summon multiple creatures that have smaller AoEs or 1 creature that spawns multiple strong creatures on death.
    Summon 8's AI is broken and it won't follow commands or follow me. Missing blindsight 60ft. Its hp is quite low considering its low AC. Unfortunately I don't recall how much DR/DI it has. Summon 8-9 are supposed to be very powerful though so I'd suggest bumping the constitution up considerably.
    Summon 9 is barely stronger than Summon 8. AI is broken and it won't follow me or my commands. Needs more hp. Could possibly do with 4 attacks per round, as AB is quite low for summon 9. Has no blindsight 60ft.

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