CoA Alpha Soon

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Hello everyone!

    I come before you on this day with an important announcement.

    We're going to be shutting down the server after August 11th, and launching the CoA Alpha Version, Chapter 1.

    You all know about v6. It's a brand new server build from scratch. Some legacy code remains (for our quest, crafting, and other systems) but for intents and purposes- new quests, new factions, new politics.

    This means this is a complete setting reboot. Vaults will be wiped, and the events in the previous chapters, versions, and settings of Arabel will no longer be considered history for this server. Aurouglousa did not conquer Thunderholme, nor was it reclaimed. The Witch Kings did not awaken, and love did not slay the Wheat King. I am sure you get the idea. This was a hard decision- parting from so much cherished history is a difficult decision- but it came to be necessary, as we contended with the past, we lost our ability to move forward without arching toward what made Arabel a great server. A city adventure persistent world with relatively low level, high stakes roleplay.

    So, what is v6- or, 'chapter 1?'

    It is over a year's worth of work building a new server from scratch. It is a metaplot lovingly crafted involving the changing of thrones, the ambitions of great women and men. It is a crisis of conscious where gods are silent, and they no longer tell you what is right and wrong. It is where a rebellion succeeded, and a new country is born- fulfilling the hopes and wishes of a DM team tired of the canon power of the Suzailan Monarchy across the land as it hindered our ability to tell stories.

    In short, I think you will be very happy. Here is a summary of what we want to deliver:

    1. A new metaplot.
    2. A new 'setting,' with familiar landmarks, but new stories.
    3. A low level adventure, between level 4-10.
    4. Fun, engaging, and balanced factions.

    Setting details:

    The year is 1359, Arabel. Gondegal's revolution seven years ago succeeded, and it is a year after the Time of Troubles.
    As a consequence of the ToT, the gods are silent and no longer directly commune with followers. Churches must rely on precedent, history, and their own machinations to interpret their deity's will. Heresies and cults begin to flourish across the land. Cleric Dogma Restrictions are loosened, the aim of a cleric is to develop a following for their philosophy and or god. Players can develop their own custom deities, all we ask is you run it past a DM first to make sure it makes sense (no Good/Evil Domain clerics, for example).

    In Arabel, Gondegal rules with a chaotic, impetuous hand. A man of impulse and emotion, his decisions lack foresight, and have left many dissatisfied, but the lack of able and competent successors with enough backing have prevented any bloody revolution to replace a revolutionary king himself. The City is largely lawless, and relies on local authorities. The City is split into 3 districts that players can access- you can assume there is more to the city that is simply not accessible as you have no reason to go.

    The three districts are:

    1. The King's Plaza (where government duties are performed, and foreign embassies are established, patrolled by House Valyan).
    2. The Clover Markets (Where the formerly 'noble' aristocracy dwells, security is handled by House Misrim).
    3. The Historic District (The Server Hub, home to the Faceless Inn, a lawless place where those with the means can enforce what laws they desire.)

    Players can pick to support the vision of one of the many dm factions, or tred their own path- or try and bring back a rebellious north back under the Banner of the Purple Dragon.

    Players will have several dm factions to choose from- the Four Major Ones: Valyan, Raubagaush, Knights of the True Sun and Misrim, will be key to the storyline. The other factions are the Corvid Consortium, the House of Cyric, the Rabble Rousers, Ghosts of the Purple Dragon, Hunters Union and the Wildwalkers.

    1. House Valyan is actually a House comprised of numerous mercenary companies with their nominated leader. Players join the elite ranks of the North's armies and are led by the infamous and renown 'Crimson Lady,' a young, aggressive daughter of war.
    2. The Arcanist Guild has risen under the auspices and guidance of Raubagaush the Dauntless, freed from centuries of imprisonment by Gondegal. In return for complete legal immunity in magical research and experimentation- they are to be dedicated servants of the Nation in solving magical threats and problems.
    3. The Knights of the True Sun is a heretical Paladin Order that follows Old Prophecies and Religious Practices and denounces Lathander as a false god. It welcomes all good and neutral faiths in its ranks provided the mendicant acknowledges the name Amaunator as the True god of the Sun.
    4. Misrim, the House of Coin, and lords of the immaterial realm of economy. Their influence is felt in the daily price of bread to the smuggler's wagon who brings the exotic goods of the south through the Cormyrian Border. Retainers of the House are meant to maintain the House's dominance in Economy as well as serve the Heirs to the Title of House Head.

    The other factions:

    1. The Corvid Consortium, a fowl association of Kenku who served in Gondegal's Army in a unspecified fashion. Thieves, miscreants, and worse- the Kenku are viewed dimly in the city, but are protected by the Whim of the King who valued their service nigh a decade ago. Now, the Kenku make their home in the city, trying to chip away at a Misrim dominated smuggling operation...
    2. The House of Death, or better known as the Church of Cyric- protect the city's dead and offer funeral services. Formerly servants of Myrkul, very little has changed in their prayers and practice since the Lord of Bone fell in Waterdeep.
    3. The Rabble Rousers a chaotic and loud group of Gondegal's most zealous supporters. No deed or word of treason escapes their wrath, as acts of arson, murder, and worse have been done in the Named of the Masked King as they hunt down the remnants and loyal dissidents of the Obraskyr Regime. To be a rabble rouser is to protect the reign of his Majesty...
    4. The Ghosts of the Purple Dragon are a band of soldiers trapped behind enemy lines, officially declared traitors by Cormyr- they are a menace to Gondegal's Reign, as they vanish amongst the crowd, hidden saboteurs and daggers in the dark to terrorize the servants of an usurper King.
    5. The Wildwalkers- a response by the druids of the North to Gondegal's acts and the rise of the Helmlands, the druids maintain the groves of the north and are given the powers of nature to halt its destruction...

    Now, for the immediate details:

    We're going to launch the Alpha on August 11th, as said.

    1. We need play testers who will run quests, test content, point out flaws or balance concerns.
    2. We need people to help us refine areas to make them more immersive and find broken transitions (they will exist).
    3. We will be implementing new subraces (Lycanthropes can now use weapons, armor, and cast spells! Kenku will be a thing!) and removing old ones (sorry para-elemental genasi).

    1. New class content will be implemented. Bards will have powerful new songs (pure class, unless a DM otherwise specifies) to choose from, that scale and due awesome things. Sorcerers will be receiving bloodline abilities. Barbarians will also receive new rages and plenty of love. Fighters are on the list to discuss.

    To be blunt, Alpha is to test quests for balance, content, and make sure we have a working server. Applications will not be available, and we discourage roleplay for the time being. We need content tested and vetted. Players are encouraged to explore the server to discover what they wish to make once the server is officially live.

    1. Alpha will roughly last as long as it needs to. We're looking at two weeks to a month, so we want to launch in September.
    2. If you have questions or concerns, speak to an Admin.
    3. Nwsync is functional for the new server. So you don't need to worry about haks. We'll upload them to steam anyways for builders to play with though.

    Questions? I'll be opening a thread in general discussion to answer them.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The Corvid Consortium

    alt text

    Within the hidden passages of the Smuggler's Route, nests the mysterious Corvid Consortium. Their origin is a mystery, as they merely settled down within the Smuggler's Route one dark night after Gondegal's victory. Few ever see them besides the old crone sitting in her rocking chair, telling anyone willing to listen their fortune. It is said the Corvid Consortium are an elite group of shadow dancers, seeking to raise a shrine of their mysterious goddess within the City itself. Others believe them to be spies of Gondegal, vermin servants lurking in the shadows as they act as the eyes and ears of the King throughout his kingdom.

    In Cormyr their members are feared for their extensive knowledge, many believing them to have the blessings of Oghma for their knowledge and the curse of Shar due to their mysterious abilities. Nevertheless, the Corvid Consortium are admired by those whom lust for knowledge, all knowledge, but too those whom lurk in the shadows. Still, this mysterious group will not allow anyone within their midst. Assassins, murderers and thugs will find themselves a target of the Corvid Consortium. Still, for the right price and purpose, the Corvid Consortium can become a formidable ally. It all depends on how much you wish them to know..


    Preferred Class:
    Rogue, Ranger

    Quorlinn or the Raven Queen, Oghma is more respected than worshiped

    How to join:

    • Earn the trust of the Corvid Consortium
    • Learn the ways of the Corvid Consortium
    • Become one of the Corvid Consortium

    On Creation Application:

    • All On Creation members of the Corvid Consortium will have the kenku subrace
    • Only Corvid Consortium members can be kenkus


    • Protect the flock at all cost
    • Death above betrayal
    • All feathers are of the same wing
    • Nothing comes for free

  • House Misrim, "The House of Coin"

    alt text
    "I will do this favor you ask. One day, perhaps, you will be in a position to do me the favor I ask"

    Theme Song:Gangster's Paradise

    The table is silent, all eyes on the three figures sitting at its head. At the right hand, Lord Obyn cleans his fingernails with a dagger, the steel dancing between his fingertips as delicate as a handkerchief of silk. At the left hand, the Lady Islyn wafts herself with a lace fan, her posture relaxed but her gaze takes in all around her. But both lady and lord sit up straight as the woman at the head of the table rises.

    "Misrim Stands, do you know what that means?"

    Bent and crooked, Anastcha Misrim speaks barely above a whisper. But none dare breath too loudly for fear of missing even a single word.

    "It means we are above the petty squabbles of the others. They cling to pride, to honour, to glory. They cling to their anchors even as they drown, but Misrim Stands."

    She lifts a gold coin to the torchlight, a defaced cormyrian crown glinting in the dim room.

    "Our name, and our gold. These are all that matters. These are the things that shall outlive us when Pride becomes arrogance, Honour becomes infamy, and glory becomes insignificance."

    Finally, her gaze turns to the man at the foot of the table, the knife pressing deep into the flesh of his neck.

    "Misrim has stood for generations, and we shall not let it end with you."

    The man gulps, a drop of blood flowing down his neck. Fear filling otherwise handsome eyes...

    Faction Description

    Very image conscience and believer in the noble’s way of life, House Misrim, often called The House of Coin, stands for the Old Ways while ironically proclaiming their allegiance to the new. Their revolution is that House Misrim, a minor noble house in Cormyr, shall become the greatest house of the North. The early alliance with the young Gondegal was calculated to bring control, if not outright rulership of Arabel and the North. Arabel, its territories, resources, and more shall all belong to Misrim. It wasn't Gondegal's coin that hired the Valyan mercenaries. It wasn't Gondegal who convinced merchants to sell to the revolutionary army. It wasn't Gondegal that contacted the noble houses of the North and convinced them to stand aside or support the revolution. It wasn't Gondegal who won Arabel. It was the hands of House Misrim spreading, like a cold fog across the land, its wealth and influence. Even now it isn't Gondegal's coin that keeps the city afloat....

    With the recently and sudden death of Lord Misrim and his wife, the two heirs, twins, gained control of a rising house. The Matriarch of the House, Anastcha Misrim, watches the actions of her two grandchildren and at the proper time, will determine who is most worthy of the place as Lord, or Lady. House Misrim remains staunchly rooted in mercantile and smuggling trade, and still is very popular with the common folk and nobles alike, despite its hidden indulgences, excesses and status.

    Misrim retainers are expected to pick which one of the two heirs of the House they support.

    • Islyn, a kind-hearted priestess of Lliira who believes in the power of money to do good works, and is beloved by the people; or
    • Obyn, a philandering, but cunning man whose ruthlessness fills the pockets of his followers with coin.

    As the two scheme to one-up each other, Misrim Retainers are expected to universally to better the reputation of the House and profit doing it. For people who think gold is King, they will undoubtedly find a home in the House of Coin. Retainers are most often seen undertaking tasks promoting the status and prestige of the house, to commoner and noble alike, while quietly engaging in trade deals and alliances to build the needed coalition and power.


    • Humans are predominant though the house's involvement in mining, crafting, and all manners of business ventures, make dwarves and gnomes a common sight.


    • Any

    Preferred Deities:

    • Any with Lliira and hold out Waukenites common

    How to Join: A player is to become a Bannerman for an existing PC Faction Member. Should the Member not exist in their time zone or no players exist in the faction, applications will be accepted to begin as a Associate.

    Faction Perks

    Faction Base
    Free Storage
    Free Rest
    Faction Gear/Uniforms
    Faction Forum
    Faction Store
    Custom perks depending on allegiance

    Faction Ranks

    • Rarely used outside the faction.

    Bannerman (Non-App)- Up or out rank to test the faction out, get involved and work on the app.
    Retainer (App)
    Senior Retainer (Having picked Obyn or Islyn)

  • Storyteller [DM]

    alt text
    Theme Song: A Kind of Magic

    "The Certainty of Our End Does Not Change The Pursuit of Power.*

    Old fingers drum upon the table, a wizard's orb before a wizened figure bent by age and upheld by immense talent and pride. Nails yellow with some subtle decay that afflict them.

    "I am told that you failed, Garius."

    A sweaty, younger man in a long blue robe with gentle starlight emanating from them. In his late forties, he looks young compared to the wizened Raubagaush. His visage somewhat distorted and bent by the concave of the orb. He fidgets nervously.

    "Yes, but Master… but it wasn't my fault…"

    The Archmage cuts him off with a lifting of a single finger, the wizard in the orb begins to choke.

    "Your privileges will be revoked for a week, and you will meditate upon your failure in the cells as we fix your debacle. I do not wish to hear from you again, Garius, until you have succeeded in accomplishing one of the many tasks that need doing. Redeem yourself, until then, you are a Novice once more."

    The man's eyes bulge in the orb, before vanishing all together. Raubagaush sighs, looking out the top of his tower and upon a city that suffocates in its own stew of chaos...

    "If only I had more time..."

    Faction Description

    The Tower of Raubagaush is a traditional arcane organization. Organized in a tall tower, it was once the home of the infamous “criminal wizard” Raubagaush, pronounced such by the War Wizards of Cormyr. Under Gondegal, it is home to the trusted and honorable Archmage, Protector of the Realm, Raubagaush the Dauntless. Granted awesome authority to carry out magical research and investigate magical phenomena, those of the Tower are feared and beloved in turn. No act of magic, provided it is not performed upon an innocent, or bystanders are not harmed, is forbidden to them. This is interpreted to include the property of said individuals. In exchange, the Tower of Raubagaush is expected to provide immediate aid to the citizens of the Kingdom of Gondegal, solving persistent problems and improving the lives of the people through arcane power and skill. Considered a fair deal, wizards flock from across Faerun, from odious necromancers to mad Diabolists, to upright Positivists. Gathering under the auspices of Raubagaush the Dauntless, they labor in defense of the realm to maintain a demonic seal that threatens it- and to further the tutelage of magic to bring about heights not seen since the Age of Netheril.

    Mages and Tower Guards are expected to be involved in city politics at their discretion to maintain a balance of power between the noble houses. This is to maintain the legal privileges the Tower was granted by Gondegal after the war- permitting them to use any magic they please. Demons, Necromancy- everything is permitted provided that no innocent suffers. However, such actions in public are poorly viewed by others in the Tower, who wish to maintain a positive reputation whenever possible. Those who contribute to the advancement of the arcane arts are rewarded, and even such indiscretions can be overlooked if their research and contributions are truly great

    Any but predominately human


    Preferred Deities

    1. Predominantly those associated with Magic, The Weave, Knowledge and Spellcasting
    2. Gods with access to Illusion, Knowledge, Magic, Spells, Rune
    3. Clerics must have chosen either Magic or Spells (or both) as their domain(s)

    How to Join: All mages are invited to the Tower of Raubagaush. Bards and Clerics of Magic may find entry and advancement somewhat harder, but not impossible. Martial Oriented Classes are considered Tower Guards, and select a mage then advancing together.

    Faction Perks

    1. Faction Base
    2. Free Storage
    3. Free Rest
    4. Faction Gear/Uniforms
    5. Faction Forum
    6. Faction Store
    7. Wage

    Faction Ranks

    The Mages (Caster classes- Wizard, Sorcerer, Cleric or Bard must be highest level)

    1. Novice (Non-app)- Up or out rank to test the faction out, get involved and work on the app.
    2. Apprentice (App)
    3. Mage of the Tower
    4. High Mage of the Tower
    5. Archmage

    Advancement is done in Two Ways:

    1. Fulfilling 'Contribution Tasks' to the organization (A list is maintained in the forums)
    2. Advancing, and making public, their own research.

    It is not uncommon to see eager, young mages whose arcane might is far inferior to the power of others outstrip those around them in rank.

    Players are encouraged to co-app with a non-caster class, and advance together.

    The Tower Guard (Non-caster classes or multiclasses)

    Called the Tower Guard, these men and women have given themselves over completely to the lifelong task of being steel against steel so that their betters can focus on the deeper mysteries. They are expected to show initiative in defense of the Tower and those who call it home, not merely stand a post. The best (PCs) are assigned to a promising Apprentice and together they rise.... or fall in the pursuit of the Great Mystery. The deeds of a Tower Guard reflect on their mage, and vice versa. Though rare, it is not impossible for a tower guard to 'carry' their mage to higher ranks.

    1. Shield
    2. Baton (Apprentice)- Require app and/or IC recommendation.
    3. Sentinel (Mage of the Tower)
    4. Warder (High Mage of the Tower)
    5. Bastion of the Ward (Archmage)

    Note: There is no non-app position for the Tower Guards.

  • Admin [DM]

    alt text

    Theme Song: The Impossible Dream

    A woman lashes herself before an altar, where a shining flame sits in a brazier, filling the whole room with light.

    "We the holy suffer in penance for our sins, and work the will of the gods of good in this plane."

    The whip is covered in bristles and thorns, gashing into otherwise fair skin, as thin droplets of blood fall upon the ground as she gazes upon the fire with fervor written in her eyes.

    "We the holy shall do the work of God, bringing law and order to the land."

    Crack, the lash works across her muscular back.

    "We shall condemn the sinner, cast out those who would compromise with evil. Break the wicked, and uphold our canon."

    She takes a deep breath, pressing her forehead into the cold, unforgiving stone, sweat beading from her brow as she kneels before the brazier before her, pained groan issuing from her lips.

    "All in the name of the True Sun, our Lord and Light, Amaunator."

    Faction Description

    “We bring the purifying Light of the True Sun. Only the corrupt and wicked need fear us.”

    The True Sun came be in the coalition of Gondegal when the Church of Lathander in Suzail, ordered them to stand down from their efforts in Northern Cormyr. Not liking the heavy handed, and unusual precedent, they viewed this as corruption and put down stronger roots in the North, and raised the banner of the Risen Sun over the small keep gifted by Gondegal. The order is based around the belief that the time of Lathander's transformation is nigh and Amaunator is about to return.

    Led by Lord Commander Seipora el’Jassan the Pure, the Order of the True Sun are a monastic group of Knights, Monks and other faithful who subscribe to the True Sun Heresy. Spreading the vision that Lathander is but a false name for the All Powerful God of Absolute Law and a benevolent ordered society, they uphold the Lathanderite Zeal to defeat evil, while subscribing to a draconian code of honor to which violations of which are punished harshly. It is said every single member of the Order is held to the same standards as the most uptight paladin. Their code of honor and conduct is common knowledge as they take pains to let every single person in the region know what can be expected from the Knights. To err is human, to make mistakes forgivable. Only those who embrace their sin should be considered monsters.

    The Order is most often seen patrolling the areas outside the city where they enjoy great popularity and support. They persistently watch over the farmlands, keeping them safe while others in the coalition can barely keep the city secure. The Order of the True Sun, with Amaunator's light said to be a purifying power and a source of righteous justice is a constant presence in the lives of those under the Order's protection. While they view the politic/intrigue of nobles and factions within the city with contempt, they participate in the Council, as the voice of a lawful, benevolent government free of corruption while carefully looking for signs of rot within.

    The Oath

    1. A Knight Shall Never Betray Their Trust. All promises shall be upheld, and if something should prove impossible to complete, penance and compensation shall be given- provided that the person who was given the promise fulfilled their end of the bargain.
    2. A Knight Shall Always Uphold the Law, striving to be fair in all things. If given the choice between the right thing and the law, a Knight shall choose the law, unless an act of obvious and evident evil would be performed.
    3. A Knight Shall speak no falsehood, and if fact comes to light that a statement spoken was previously wrong, then the Knight Shall strive to correct the error made.
    4. A Knight shall always strive to be courteous, in action, speech, and written word. A Knight shall not defame their opponent with licentious rumor unless evidence is provided to prove allegations made.
    5. A Knight shall always confront chaos and evil when found, the only exception would be in cases where the cause is lost, and only retreat is acceptable. The Knight shall lay down their life to protect the innocent in such cases, if it proves to be necessary.

    It is said breaches of any of the above codes shall result in the lashing of the knight.. Repeat breaches can result in harsher punishments. It is said the Knights take great pains to cultivate a reputation of absolute trust and goodwill toward their organization, and take dim views on those who would attempt undermine this public trust. More than one challenged has been issued in the face of slander.

    A Knight may add personal codes of conduct as fitting.


    • Humans are predominant but as virtue can reside in all, any who prove their worth are welcomed.


    • Strong Lawful Neutral with Good Tendencies.

    Preferred Deities:

    • All faiths not standing in opposition to the founding principles of the Order are welcome. (Orthodox Lathanderite are barred entry for example)
    • All players must subscribe to the True Sun Heresy to join but need not actually be of the faith. This is simply done by acknowledging Amaunator as the True Version of Lathander.
    • Orthodox Lathanderites are barred entry.
    • True Sun clerics have access to the Fire, Law, Nobility, Renewal, Sun, and Time spell domains.

    How to Join: A player is to squire to an existing PC Faction Member. Should the Member not exist in their time zone or no players exist in the faction, applications will be accepted to begin as a Sergeant at Arms.

    Faction Perks

    Law Enforcement powers outside Arabel

    • A Sergeant-At-Arms has the power to enforce law and Sentence for Lesser Crimes(Conduct searches, arrests)
    • A Knight-Errant can enforce law and Sentence for crimes up to Serious etc.
    • A Knight of the True Sun can enforce law and Sentence for Capital crimes and summarily execute those who break the law, acting as judge, jury, and executioner.

    Faction Base
    Free Storage
    Free Rest
    Faction Gear/Uniforms
    Faction Forum
    Faction Store
    Custom perks

    Faction Ranks

    • Squire-at-Arms (Non-App)- Up or out rank to test the faction out, get involved and work on the app.
    • Sgt-at-Arms (App)
    • Knight-Errant
    • Knight of the True Sun - becomes a "noble" and uses Sir
    • Knight Captain of the True Sun


    • Rising in ranks in this faction can be slow, as certain requisites not made known to players need to be met. We encourage players, however, to make flawed characters who struggle to meet the admittedly unrealistic expectations of the faction.
    • This order is known to recruit from the dregs of society believing those that have fallen the furthest have the most potential to be renewed and rise from their failings. Applications with dark secrets/pasts, criminal backgrounds, or other flaws are encouraged.

  • Admin [DM]

    The Crimson Guard of House Vaylan


    Faction Name: The Crimson Guard
    Theme Song: The Story of Tonight

    A group of warriors, clad in red uniforms and viper-shaped helmets sit around a bare wooden table in a locked room in a quiet inn outside of Arabel.

    "Did you get the funds from the elves?" One asks, the person he addressed nods, placing down a banknote signed by the elven Embassy.

    "Good, that means we're all set." The third cracks a grin, laughing as he stands up. "Long live the Crimson Princess!"

    "Long live the Queen To Be!" they cry together, jubilant.

    Faction Description

    "Finish your drink, kiss 'em goodbye, covered in mud, try not to die"

    The Crimson Guard formed after the War, where Gondegal won, and House Vaylan became the defacto commander of the Mercenary Armies. The prestigious post consumed the new "Generalissimo" of the North, Lord Olaf Vaylan, and it became more important to maintain the fickle loyalties of soldiers who desire coin and their freedom than grooming his daughter to become a suitable heir. Given his daughter's fame, second only to Gondegal himself, and the need for a public figure to represent the House's interests, an elite cadre of bodyguards who could operate independently of the army became necessary as well. Not just any bodyguards, however- the elite of the mercenary forces, loyal to the Crimson Lady herself, men and women forged in bloodshed and camaraderie- savvy and thoughtful rogues and scouts- in short, the Crimson Lady was to have the best Vaylan had to offer- even if it cost the overall strength of the army.

    The Crimson Guard formed three days after Arabel was “liberated” and together beside the Crimson Lady, planted the flag of victory over the crumbled statue of King Obraskyr IV.
    Seven years later, the Crimson Guard, has seen blood come, go, and spilled- however, what remains consistent is that the spirit of the free-ranging, independently operating mercenary is home in each of them. Capable of working in varying sized groups in unreliable, sudden circumstances, the flexibility of the Guard has become its strongest trait. Now, with a bright future ahead of them, the Crimson Guard must secure said future for their Lady- with whatever means required.

    All races are welcome in the Crimson Guard, baring monstrous ones.
    Elves are oddly common.

    Preferred Deities
    Deity's of Battle, Protection, and Hedonism are common place.
    Deity's of Tyranny or with an overly powerful lawful inclinations may not be so welcome.

    How to Join.
    Be Recommended by an existing member and pass the trials appointed by players.
    App on Creation (Mercenary Backgrounds encouraged, you were more than likely part of one of the many companies that took Arabel and the North from Cormyr).

    Faction Base
    Free Storage
    Free Rest
    Faction Gear/Uniforms
    Faction Forum

    Unproven (Non-App)- Up or out rank to test the faction out, get involved and work on the app.
    Blooded Fang
    Scarlet Scale
    Adder Watch
    Crimson Viper

  • Admin [DM]

    The Ghosts of Cormyr

    alt text

    The Ghosts were a infamous band of disgraced Cormyrian soldiers, whom hailed from the fabled Monster Hunting Corp. Lead by a bastard of the Obraskyr Line, these formidable soldiers are rumoured to be cursed phantoms wandering aimlessly within the Hullack Forest. Legends claim Ghosts have the power to command the Hullack Forest itself. Their very existence is an ever present threat. A threat which King Gondegal has yet to eradicate from his weakened border East of Arabel. Attacks by the Ghosts can be frequent or far between, with no clear pattern or logic behind them. Equally feared and respected, only the very brave or very foolish dare entering the Hullack Forest, for whom knows what may be lurking within its shadows.

    Humans are predominant, but any race can apply.

    Players can apply to start as a Ghost on creation. Given the elite nature of the group and the uncertainty of their mere existence, it is extremely difficult to be approved and players are expected to act in secrecy. Understanding that a revealed ghost is a dead ghost.
    Players who wish to join post-creation will be approached once their application has been approved through IC channels. Note that there is no "known" way to do so, the ghosts will find those they deem worthy.
    Still, rumours has it if you find a Harper Scout, you may be able to gain the information from the Harpers. Besides, the ghosts do not exist, just ask Gondegal.

    Lawful and Neutral alignments recommended.

    Preferred Deities:
    The Ghosts have strong ties to the Malarite Faith, as well as most nature deities. Tempus is also prominent.
    Players will receive in-game lore about certain traditions the Ghosts practice to appease the Forest.

    Faction Perks:
    Secret Base
    Faction Forum
    Free Storage
    Exclusive Quest

    Faction Requirements:
    The Ghosts are obviously an antagonist faction when compared to the other five. Please keep in mind that once you are discovered as a Ghost, you will be hunted down and executed. Subterfuge and discretion is a large part of this concept. Who can you trust, with Gondegal's Rabble Rousers snooping for traitors at every corner?

    Faction Ranks:
    Promotions are determined by the damage you conduct against Gondegal.


  • Admin [DM]

    The Revolution of Gondegal

    alt text

    Theme: Do you Hear the People Sing
    "We fight for freedom!"

    Gondegal rises from his humble chair, a large map of the city laying on a magnificent marble table before him. Around him, men and women of varied costumes and stature look on. He wears a peasant's robe, with an ornate, ivory mask covering his visage, lending him a dichotomous facade.

    "My people, my merchants, my whores, my noble traitors, my loyal revolutionaries, I stand before you but a man. A man clothed in wool and adorned in ivory. I stand in front of a chair of humble wood, and before a table of marble, for I represent not just the poor, but the wealthy."

    "I represent the haves, and the have nots. I represent the revolution of our society, the upturning of social norms, the end of noble privilege, and the emergence of the new class, in short, "The Everyone". My revolution shall sweep the land like a tide, where the class structure of old is cast down in fiery revolution. Where the title, "Lord," "King," and "Tyrant," shall be spread with hated breath, and only I, a first among equals, shall stand before you."

    "No more kings, only brothers. No more queens, only sisters. No more races, class, or distinction, for we shall be all a part of the rabble. This is my revolution, I beg your aid and command your respect. We are rabble and champions. Peasants and Knights, we are The Everyone and today, let us spread The Revolution."


    House Gondegal is no house at all. It is those who call themselves the Rabble Rousers, the Revolutionaries, the proponents of liberty and equality. As a fraternity of faces, there are no requirements to join, merely that one express their loyalty to the revolution and advocate against the long-held classism that existed in Northern Cormyr. Rabble Rousers upturn the world order and propose the political philosophy of Gondegal. A first among equals should lead, not blue-blooded kings.

    In practice, there is no unifying theory for the revolution beyond that Gondegal should lead. The strongest voice is the Daleland Democracy where that the people should elect the first among equals. Another voice is the meritocracy where those with the skills needed to lead, do so, while supported by their sovereign equals who labor in their specialty.

    And then there is a most radical revision of society. The creation of an affluent paradise where the propagation of non-human slavery is achieved allowing humankind to focus on advancing their philosophy and technology, research and magic. Only then can Humans truly dominate the lands around them and force away the fell forces of chaos and evil- the orc and goblin among others. The Rabble Rousers rarely present an idea of what the revolution should be, only that there is a revolution.

    OOC Information:

    House Gondegal functions in two ways with Rabble Rousers choosing to:

    1. Remain secret spies for the Revolution and rising in prestige//influence the more traitors they expose.
    2. Openly proclaim their revolutionary vision and rise in prestige/influence the more people subscribe to their inherent world view, or accomplish deeds to further it.


    • There is no uniform, or banner is given to the House Gondegal, for it is ubiquitous, and in theory, representative of all. Those who live in Arabel are represented by the Revolution, lest they be traitorous and oppose the righteous reign of Gondegal the First and first among equals.
    • Of the factions in Arabel, it is the largest, but often, the most plagued by infighting, as competing visions and ethos often turn into brawls and fights, and sometimes, a missing person.
    • There is a player faction forum available for Rabble Rousers, it is advised to use an alias and an alternative forum account if you plan to infiltrate a faction

    How to join:
    No Application, speak to the faction NPC IG or contact a PC member.
    Secret members can PM a DM AFTER they have an alias and alternative forum account prepared.
    Note that this is a player faction with minimal to no DM support.

    Ranks: None, your influence is based off of the number of people who you can convince to join your 'revolution' and vision for the city, or if you take the path of subterfuge, the number of traitors you can root out...

    Disposition: Very chaotic and organic. Players can expect to quickly rise (and fall) in the faction at the pleasure of faction superiors and leaders. Players are warned that inexplicable and sudden PC endings can be a part of this faction, especially for those who choose the route of subterfuge and infiltration, as other factions will not appreciate being spied on (obviously) and if Gondegal thinks you're a traitor, your fate may be swift and cruel.

  • Admin [DM]

    So everyone is informed....

    -Everything- is being reviewed and maybe altered so:

    1. Please keep the feedback coming
    2. Please keep an open mind about things
    3. If something seems too good to be true or has the potential to be abused/exploited please let us know.


  • Admin [DM]

    Wild Walkers

    "Home is where your feet lie, not under a roof."



    The Wild Walkers formed in the aftermath of Gondegal's Victory over the North at the behest of the Hierophaunt Granite the Wise in response to the rapid emergence of a chaotic power that was reshaping much of the land in the region. The Wild Walkers holds authority over the various druid circles in the Arabel Region, with each druid expected to take possession of a grove and manage the land, territories, and ecosystem of their land- with the ability to call for aid from other circles within reason.

    Each Druid in possession of the circle has the right and privilege to attend a moot and is given access to the "Haven" - a druidic demi-plane that exists in the Ley Lines of the Land and is nominally safe from outside interference.

    The Hierophaunt is seeking to use the power of each grove to ultimately awaken some sort of entity to protect the North and safeguard the lands under his administration, ultimately purging the aberrant powers that have come to be and return the surface back to the the lush lands they once were.

    Their political goals are either to come to an accord with Gondegal and limit his chaotic influence to civilization (cease the tree cutting and deforestation of the King's Forest, fight the spread of unnatural powers by the Tower of Raubagaush, and manage the resource extraction of House Misrim) and outside the natural harmony that surrounds the lands beyond his city.

    OOC Information

    Druidic Traditions exist in all natural races.

    Preferred Deities:
    All nature deities are worshiped by druids.

    Any Neutral

    How to join:

    • All druids must adhere to the Wild Walkers
    • All druids can join the Wild Walkers
    • Non-druids can gain access via application.
    • Please note, betrayal of druidic secrets is grounds for loss of powers as a druid.


    • All druids can gain access to the forum (do not ask for access on an alt).
    • All druids can gain access to 'haven' but requires another druid to lead them.
    • Upon application, a druid can take a grove for their own.
    • The grove provides numerous resources for the druid in question.
    • The grove in the region grants the druid to issue edicts and impose his authority on wandering druids. If the edict is unreasonable or detrimental to the region, a druid may challenge the grove-holder for possession of the grove, or to renounce their edict.
    • Willfully ignoring the edicts of a groveholder without good reason can be grounds for spell failure.


    • Wanderer
    • Great Druid
    • Hierophaunt (NPC ONLY)

  • Admin [DM]

    Hunters Union

    alt text

    The Hunters Union, much like the City of Arabel, has gone through many changes since Gondegal's rise to power. What was once a exclusive club for wealthy Cormyrian artistocrats, has now become a common ground where the wealthy and poor come together in the name of the hunt. Within its old headquarters lies the Shrine of Malar, which every member must pay tithe towards once every full moon.

    In Arabel, there is no private land where hunters of the union may not go. As long as they do not venture too close to someones private property or enclosed areas. Common hunters without membership, will find themselves limited to the dangerous wilderness of the Hullack Forest. Where anyone whom enter, risk going from being the hunter, to the hunted.

    OOC Information

    Humans and half-elves are predominant, but any race can apply


    Preferred Deities:
    Any, but nature/hunting deities are the most common


    • Base
    • Faction Forum
    • Special Merchant

    How to join:
    No Application, speak to the faction NPC IG or contact a PC member

    Faction Ranks:

  • Admin [DM]

    The Mortuary



    Every city has its mausoleum. An inevitable fact of life- and in a city as old as Arabel, its catacombs run deep. Tended to by the Silent servants of now dead Myrkul, they toil upon their task to grant dignity to the dead, something that they might have lacked in life. Now, the Priests of Cyric and Jergal work together to maintain the duties of the Mausoleum- nothing has changed for the Priests in the Crypt, for Cyric pays little attention to his faithful worshipers in crypts and tombs. Even going out of his way to change absolutely nothing- beyond the heraldry upon his banners, and the name said in their nightly prayers. The duties of the priesthood remain the same: Honor the dead, keep all oaths, and those who animate the dead without the 'permission' of the Church of Myrkul Cyric must be taught to pay the price.

    OOC Information


    • Humans are predominant, and the priesthood of Dead Myrkul are aware of the burial traditions of other races.
    • Other races can join as they see fitting, however.

    Preferred Deities:
    Cyric, Jergal, and Racial Deities of Death are common.

    How to join:
    No Application, speak to the faction NPC IG or contact a PC member

    Faction Perks:

    • Player faction forum
    • Free Rest
    • Special Merchant


  • Admin [DM]

    The Embassies of Arabel


    With the rise of Gondegal, various nations sent their diplomats to the newly established kingdom. Their purpose varies, from alliances, trade agreements, espionage, to undermining Gondegal's rule in favour of Cormyr. So far three official embassies have established themselves in Arabel. The Elven Embassy, hosting ambassadors and envoys from various elven nations, as well as an Ambassador from the Dalesland. The Dwarven Embassy, like the elven embassy hosting ambassadors and envoys from various dwarven holds, with special presence from Thunderholme. Last but not least, is the Embassy of Sembia which has since the start of the rebellion been a supporter of Gondegal.

    Embassies in Arabel:

    • The Sembian Embassy
    • The Elven Embassy (With a Dalesland office)
    • The Dwarven Embassy

    OOC Information

    How to join:

    • Application only, please note this is a Special Position not a faction
    • Specify your political goals and how you intend to interact with Gondegal's Kingdom.
    • You must have an Embassy to be an Envoy, there for Sembia, Cormanthyr, The Dalesland and Thunderholme are the only ones available at this moment.


    • Free Rest
    • Storage
    • Wage
    • Equipment
    • Diplomat Status

    Player Faction Forums

    • Elves - Any elf or half-elf can request access, don't request it for an alt. Envoys are granted moderation powers.
    • Dwarves - Any dwarf can request access, don't request it for an alt. Envoys are granted moderation powers.
    • Sembians - Any Sembian citizen can request access, don't request it for an alt. Envoys are granted moderation powers.
      The Dalesland, Halfling Council and United Gnomes Federation of Smiths and Trinkerers does not have any player faction forum at the moment. This can be requested when there is a minimum of three active members, like any other player faction forum request.



    Councils cannot have envoys, membership is app free and provides no perks. Should a member be able to raise their council's status to Embassy however, the Embassy perks will apply. Similarly, an Embassy losing its status, will be downgraded to Council and result in its members loosing their perks.

    Notable Councils:

    • The Halfling Council
    • United Gnomes Federation of Smiths and Trinkerers

    OOC Information

    How to join:

    • No Application, speak to the faction NPC IG or contact a PC member

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