We are the Mist

  • [After the city's consolidation by House Ebonhawk, these discrete posters go up sparingly in the night in the less traveled corners and alleys of the city.]
    To the outcasts, the downtrodden, and the unfortunate;
    To the shackled yearning for freedom;
    To those who suffer under the oppressors who impose upon liberty,
    A protector and pilgrim of the Guardian of the Mists offers you the key to your shackles. Long ago, this city was Holy in her name and embraced in her shroud. Now, tyrants rule and smother the common-folk in the name of laws and edicts. We will not suffer the cruelty of these oppressors.
    If you will fight to overthrow the unjust and the whip-holders;
    If you seek a home, safety, and somewhere that is NoWhere at all,
    I am called Liviona - call upon me if you would taste freedom.

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