Letter to Sergeant Ferdinand

  • Greetings my good friend and motivational coach

    It is I, Dick the once Illiterate but now can read and write with perfect skill, here to reopen my negotiations in joining your fine order. I promise I have learned all of the laws twice and will never betray you and the militia in a horrible fashion.



  • Storyteller [DM]


    Ain't much of us left. Tell you what, bring me proof you've offed one of those treacherous Ebonhearts or two and I'll give you a uniform and let you call yourself Sergeant Dick. Ain't anyone dying to join us anymore.


  • Your Holiness Tallstag

    I've never been one to shy away from murder. I'll bring you a mountain of skulls if it gets me to my dream job!

    Actually scratch that murder part that sounds incriminating and is not really the image I want to portray. I clearly meant JUSTICE and HONOUR.

    Either way I'll kill people like you ask and am more than willing to throw myself onto the blade of law.

    Hugs and kisses!


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