Letter Marked Urgent and Sealed to Herald Josepher from Inquisitor Hatchet-Prize

  • Herald Josepher, //@ L-Eagle

    We have an urgent matter developing in Arabel. I warned the crown repeatedly of the dangers of House Ebonhawk and Lady Ebonhawk has shown her true colors publically working with a known necromancer in an attempt to take over the Southeast district. See the attached bullentin of which was publically posted in Arabel.


    City of Arabel
    Bulletin Boards South-East Arabel Belongs to Ebonhawk

    Empowered as I have been as representative of Selisa Ebonhawk, I claim the South-East District as her property.

    I invite any who wish to stand against this claim to present themselves to me so that I might de-bone them and make their skeletons dance for my amusement, or be turned into statues. Or perhaps I'll just kill you normally.

    I will perform an armed take over soon enough, and I will make it public, so that those who stand against this claim can die for my entertainment.

    Additionally, those who want to aid me can write to me. I can do it without you, but why not earn some gold and the good will of Ebonhawk?

    Please, sign below if you wish to confront me, so I know how many spells to prepare for killing you.
    Don't disappoint me!

    Piercieln Leonsbanner

    In addition, another bullentin appeared today. //another attachment is included.

    I will march upon South-East Arabel at the end of this tenday.

    Prepare yourselves, those stupid enough to combat the will of Selisa Ebonhawk empowered by my arcane might.

    I look forward to crushing the quaint resistance of those who would stand against the Lord Warden's wife and my most extravagant employer.

    Piercieln Leonsbanner.

    The situation is becoming dire. We need men, we need the crown to put an end to House Ebonhawk. They will betray the crown. Unless the crown wants to see animated dead marching through the streets of the Southeast.

    Inquisitor Mildred Hatchet

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