Letter to House Ebonhawk

  • @DracoS said in Announcements from the City Militia [PCs]:

    The Normalisation of South East Arabel

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    Over the next tenday or so the normalisation of South East Arabel will take place. Due to the heavy causalities cause by the Glory filth during the war, the Arabal Militia was forced to mostly pull back from the district, leading to anarchy and assaults by the Glory and Red Mother factions, as well as meddling by The Elven Warband of the Phoenix to keep it in a state of lawlessness for the there Glory allies to take advantage of.

    Adventures are advised to pay attention to the sending system, as extra man power will be needed to deal with any criminal elements or Glory/elven elements that refuse to take an oath of fealty to the Crown and continue there treason. Members of the elven community who feel this treatment is unfair, should Contact Priestess Rodia of Solonor, and ask her about how she though protecting a temple to the Glory (that was powering angels attacking the Crowns forces) and protecting Glory soldiers wasn't a hostile action against Cormyr. Said Priestess and other warband member who have not fled the city should also find me to make there own oaths of fealty before I find them.

    Citizens of the South East who have been troubled by criminal elements in recent times should feel to inform me by letter or person so criminal elements can be recognised and dealt with. Citizens who have boldly tried to keep there fellows safe and keep some measure of order in the district during this troubled period are advised to seek me out as well, for a Privates Badge may be awaiting you.

    Sgt Shui Fang – Arabel Militia

    @Mortui said in South-East Arabel Belongs to Ebonhawk:

    Empowered as I have been as representative of Selisa Ebonhawk, I claim the South-East District as her property.

    I invite any who wish to stand against this claim to present themselves to me so that I might de-bone them and make their skeletons dance for my amusement, or be turned into statues. Or perhaps I'll just kill you normally.

    I will perform an armed take over soon enough, and I will make it public, so that those who stand against this claim can die for my entertainment.

    Additionally, those who want to aid me can write to me. I can do it without you, but why not earn some gold and the good will of Ebonhawk?

    Please, sign below if you wish to confront me, so I know how many spells to prepare for killing you.
    Don't disappoint me!

    Piercieln Leonsbanner.

    Do we have a conflict here?

    Sgt Shui Fang

  • Storyteller [DM]


    I've no idea what the man is planning, but perhaps if the militia ever did its job instead of being continually lazy, incompetent, and utterly worthless beyond belief, we wouldn't have necromancers trying to take vigilante justice in my name. Personally, at this point, with how much of a worthless failure you have been and how much of a waste of space you and your ilk are, maybe I'll wait and see what he does and deal with whatever crimes he commits with my personal guard. I mean... if you can't take the district yourselves, I doubt you're going to be able to take it back from him.

    Do your job, or once this ambitious mage is done cleaning out the district I'll deal with it with my personal guard. Half the city is held by criminals and rebels. This is your last chance before I disband the militia entirely.

    Lady Selisa Ebonhawk

  • This letter is fowarded to Hachet


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