South-East Arabel Belongs to Ebonhawk

  • Empowered as I have been as representative of Selisa Ebonhawk, I claim the South-East District as her property.

    I invite any who wish to stand against this claim to present themselves to me so that I might de-bone them and make their skeletons dance for my amusement, or be turned into statues. Or perhaps I'll just kill you normally.

    I will perform an armed take over soon enough, and I will make it public, so that those who stand against this claim can die for my entertainment.

    Additionally, those who want to aid me can write to me. I can do it without you, but why not earn some gold and the good will of Ebonhawk?

    Please, sign below if you wish to confront me, so I know how many spells to prepare for killing you.
    Don't disappoint me!

    Piercieln Leonsbanner.

  • I will march upon South-East Arabel at the end of this tenday.

    Prepare yourselves, those stupid enough to combat the will of Selisa Ebonhawk empowered by my arcane might.

    I look forward to crushing the quaint resistance of those who would stand against the Lord Warden's wife and my most extravagant employer.

    Piercieln Leonsbanner.


  • No one has written upon my bulletin stating their desire to combat me! If you show up to stop me without having made a reservation, I'll just kill you for being so rude.
    No mercy to the rude.

    Piercieln Leonsbanner.

  • Admin [DM]

    I look forward to seeing you again Percieln. Hopefully, you've learned something to impress me because your previous cantrips were just dull.

    ~ Adrian.

  • //@Mortui

    //Sorry that's 6 AM my time. I don't do 6 AM on Saturday and its 5AM for Vincent Prize... bad time for us yanks on the west coast.

  • Nature will stand against you.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    [Any of these posters in the SouthEast district are horribly vandalized]

    "Go home corpse humper!"

    "No Tyranny here!"

    "District of the FREE!"

    "Down with Ebonhawk!"

    "Hells take the militia!"

    "Ted was here"

    "Thamuz is my boy"

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