Letter to Dieldrilth the Bedine

  • My lady

    I have discover that the Red Duke of Flame Zethyg is the one whos behind those infernal loving gnolls that been causing us trouble. Additionaly he is planning to take over Arabel in the near future with help from the Militia and what I assume will be a greater army.


    Your Vassal
    Shui Fang

  • Storyteller [DM]

    My dear Fang,

    This is troubling news, but somehow, my Lady is not surprised. The Red Duke seeks power as all red do, and there is nothing more powerful for him to wish than the Artefact. Even if he does not yet know what this power is, he will recruit and coerse anyone and anything to gain it. It must not fall into his hands.

    I have my people to protect and the city of Arabel is corrupted beyond saving. I cannot offer protection for it. We must find the Anchor and set things right. It is our only hope. It is the only way to bring peace again.

    Dieldrilth the Bedine,
    On behalf of Eotude, Lady of the Skies.

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