A letter to the Temple of Tyche

  • Dear fellow clergy

    The militia is about to march on the southern districts, I can only see slaughter and misfortune in our fair city, we need to act we our numbers aren't large but we must be bold now and act. We need to stand against the militia!

    Sure you COULD stay in the ladies house,sit and watch and bemoan the misfortune befalling others. I say we should be bold and act, I will contact Sir Longheart and join in the defense and perhaps counter strike.

    Will you join us in defending our city or let devil worrshipers and greedy dragon bloods riegn.

    Sir Vincent Prize-Bleth.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Be bold and direct us to the greatest gamble and we will join with you!

    -Priestess Bera Mirna

  • contact Sir Lion heart then, we rise up to protect our ladies city!

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