Warning! Rampaging grizzly bear in the fugue.

  • Hi, returning player here. No one seems to be on right now but I feel like I should post a heads up just in case. I rolled up a ranger and went out into the wilds to find an animal friend and I made a grizzly bear follow me around while I looked for one. I was trying to examine some glowing tree in Marliir's March when I clicked on it and it killed me instantly. Well when I appeared in the fugue plain the grizzly bear followed. I tried to use animal friendship and it worked but the bear remained hostile. Then he proceeded to eat me over and over as he camped the spawn point until on one of these occasions he got distracted by not eating a spirit and I stealthed past.

    Short version. Whatever you do, don't die. There's a rampaging grizzly in the fugue eating and reeating everything. On the plus side, he is very very happy. He is in his own personal heaven equipped with a buffet that is infinitely refilling itself. Good for him.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Bear jerky now available in the fugue.

  • Admin [DM]

    This is the best thing I've read in ages! (Sorry it happened to you, but your story amused me!)

  • I have no clue how it happened but it was a hilarious bug. I'm not surprised it happened to me though. The first thing that ever happened to me on this server was running out the gate and being eaten by a grizzly bear. That bear and I have a long history together.

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