Trap Crafting Cost

  • Please reduce the cost of crafting traps. The cost of crafting is currently greater than the cost of purchasing the traps, leaving no incentive to having the tradeskill.

    For example:
    Cost of 1 Average Spike Trap kit - 25gp
    Cost of 1 Gond kit +1 and 1 Gond Kit +3 - 49gp

    Cost of 1 Average Sonic Trap Kit - 98gp
    Cost of 4 Gond kit +3, 1 Spring Coil, and 1 pair of goblin ears - 196gp + killing goblins

    Cost of 1 Average Frost Trap Kit - 98gp
    Cost of 1 Gond kit +1, 1 Gond Kit +6, and 1 coldstone - 93gp + Unknown, because no one knows where Coldstones come from.

  • Probably a case of the shop having come after the crafting system, I mean... if I am being nice to Moloch anyway, he tended to look fairly closelty at prices of things so I would assume he checked and made them all a bit cheaper.

    Then a shop was made, or the prices modified, to be lower than the crafting costs.

    But yeah, that's a bit silly.

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