Order of the Dying Light

  • Storyteller [DM]

    [Posters go up within the Southwest district as well as on the borders inside the Southeast and Northwest districts]

    The Noble Lord Hawklin was MURDERED and the city split into factions!

    The Captain of the Militia was MURDERED and power seized by the evil upstarts!

    The Militia allied with powers of Drow and Infernal, murdered, ravaged and no one was held accountable. Good men are murdered and not a single arrest.

    The Glory war is over. The promised redemption for mortality never came, we were wrong, but we are paladins and keepers of light still! We will redeem ourselves from the wrongs we did by holding out as the last beacon of goodness and light in a city stolen by the darkness!

    Join us, and together we will hold against the storm of evil until our last man!

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