Gold Dragon c/o Thunderholme

  • Dragoness,

    I doth not know whether a letter hath truely reached you or those who follow you, and so I write myself, and so I write knowing what I wish to say must be said by me.

    I am Nasha of Beorunna's Well. I am a mercenary, and hath power over beasts, through my own faith and the wisdom of Black Lion, whom Uthgar hadst tamed in antiquity. How I hath come to Cormyr is a story which is both long and not technically important. However it is true, that I hath fought the Glory, in Surthay, and now it seemeth to me I must do so here, shouldst I remain in present employment.

    I hath been employed recently by one of thy lesser cousins, a red half-dragon in the militia of Arabel, and hath met others of her kind, in a beast of a man, and in a mage who hath been chased with silver blood, and I hath been well compensated for what they wished me to accomplish. However the woman, Shui, is interested in making war and pursuing blood feud, and so when I have done as I have said I shall, and tracked a pair of children, whom hath been stolen by demons, I shall again be free to do as I wish.

    By preference I wish such work as I have. To find and rescue children brings no dishonor nor do I find it distasteful as some of the work that hast been asked of me in the past. Yet, after I hath done this thing, I expect that I shall be asked to slaughter the Glory again, as they hath become a rebellion in this country. They are afraid, and hath like dogs against a wall, set themselves to die, and it shall be bloody work I know, though I hath no doubt the red will compensate greatly for it.

    I hadst offered to return the children to the paladins which hadst original care of them, but they expected treachery and so found it a ready excuse to imprison me. One of them mentioned thou by me and said that proclaiming allegiance to you wouldst be taken in this part of the land as proof of honest conduct.

    I hath sworn to find the children and I wouldst see them placed properly afterwards. I shall keep my word, and after I have found them what I do is up to me, though my options hath become few, as the Glory hath marked me their enemy. Still, I hath heard the story of their capture and know that the city is host to the same madness as Thay, where demons walk among living men and the dead are restless in their graves, and I hath grown tired of being mercenary to evil men however much it pays. I trust not the desire of those who wish the children found though I am bound to find them, and so I look now for some alternative, since I may do as I wish when I find them.

    Therefore send to me one of thy representatives and I shall make contract with thee, and make oath to such things as we can agree upon, and shouldst thou wish it of me I will become thy servant in this country thereby if it is agreeable.

    -Nasha Gerwander, of Beorunna's Well

  • Storyteller [DM]

    [the letter is written with an elegant and flowing script]

    Dear Madam Gerwander,

    A letter has indeed reached I, Gytecris, servitor of Veidirayrth the Valiant. I wrote to mister Clarion and it seems you have had not time to meet. I would be delighted to meet and speak with you of my Lady and her wish to break peace and order to all this madness. At the Serpent over a pint of ale perhaps?

    The men and women of the Glory, although misguided, and people of good. They must be redeemed and perhaps you can guide them to us. Something to discuss when we meet!

    You seek to do a good deed by finding these children and I urge you to do so, not for the red blooded, but for the sake of these children. Bring them home to their family. And be wary of the chromatics. The vile blood of these creatures knows no bound in their evil.

    Fond regards,

    -- Gytecris

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