A letter to Adrian Clarion

  • Storyteller [DM]

    My silver friend,

    My great Lady of the Skies has deciphered more of the text that was found a while ago. The library we must find was under the care of a dragon. Sadly, we were unable to decipher his origins or his name. The description of him uses some ancient words that appears to be slang. The closest we can guess is that he was... colorful?

    The symbol of a circle seems also important. A circle or a disc, it is unclear. I pray this aids you in your search and I thank you again for your efforts. You will be rewarded for your aid, never fear.

    In service of Eotude, our Lady of the Skies,

    -- Dieldrilth of the Bedine

  • Admin [DM]

    My dear lady Dieldrilth,

    Every information is useful in our search, yes. During my last exploration in the desert, I've come across an ancient draconic shrine or gathering place.

    Despite being older than anything I know of, it still resonates with magic, after touching it I've been... (Adrian stops writing for a moment trying to find the right euphemism)...gifted with visions. Visions that I think it might lead us to the place, or at least help us in our search.

    Lacking a better option I must rely on Hedge magic to better understand it, once I accomplish what I plan and if that brings me answers, you'll be the first one to know.

    Also, below there's a map draft to the draconic shrine, I'm sure someone with your refined taste would admire it.

    ~ Clarion

    // Adrian draws every detail he can remember about the location of the draconic shrine in the desert.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Dear Clarion,

    You have been gifted an extraordinary blessing. I will be certain our Lady of the Skies sees the location. Her great wisdom and knowledge can bring us more clues. Hedge magic can be a tricky method. Prepare well, and bring friends to guard you.

    -- Dieldrilth of the Bedine

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