Letter to Fang

  • I hope this letter finds you well, the reason for my letter is that in my recent explorations of the hullack have yielded results of which i seek

    i have had a second and a third encounter with a werefox, the first was not as good as i had hoped, she mentioned they remembered me being part of that party(the first encounter) that had attacked one of her kin, i was not that convincing in my arguments to assure her/them that i was a non combatant. she said i need to gain their trust and she bolted

    the most recent encounter came in the hullack a day or so ago, they are still wary of me, and it will take a very long time for me to gain their trust, but she did mention they are not pleased with the orcs in the hullack area, they also mentioned the orcs are dealing with a slave trade, mostly in taking elves (that they do not massacre) and selling them to humans who wear red garments and coverings (could this missing elven noble be victim of this trade?)

    i will keep exploring the hullack in hopes of finding more information, but i have to relate that i have been chased out of the area by marauding orcs on three occasions and a fourth time i frantically was forced to flee at great haste from a ever determined Drake, it chased me for many many miles


  • Dear Ceilm

    Well well, my first lead. I was starting to wonder if she was a mere fabrication, but the men in red sound like Thayans to me. Thank you and good luck in progresing your own way.


  • @DracoS
    hello Fang

    nothing to report from my last several sojourns in to the Hullack, not even Orcs when i looked, only animals and they were easy to avoid, no sign of the werefox, if they are there they are avoiding me currently i would not know any difference.

    on the city, went with the hunter girl to talk to some lord in the paladin area, they took us in, had a long talk, i got roughed up and tossed into a room till the talking was done then they threw me out and told me to leave, not sure what was going on, something to do with missing children. the lord was not interested in me or anything i had to say. after a short while i decided to keep quiet.


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