Letter to Shui Fang from Mildred Hatchet-Prize

  • As promised my friend, the story of my meeting with Helm.

    My first personal honor of being called directly by my diety occurred while dealing with a haunted painting, when an angel of Helm approached me while I was helping the group cleanse the painting, and told me that the Church of Tyche and Helm were against the Glory and wanted the churches to work together. I suppose that is one of many reasons Prize and I became closer.

    The second time happened when I had fallen from Helm's teachings, the night of the prisoner massacre. I did not hurt a single prisoner, but I allowed it to happen and failed in my oaths to both Helm and the militia to protect. Disgraced, I went to Hawklins, to pray for redemption and I confessed all to the Bishious and that was when Dusty Delves, now an angel appeared and begged me to follow the Glory and give up Helm. But as much as I loved Dusty, I could not, and she attacked the Bishious when they argued over the Glory and Helm, and I tried to defend the Bishious, and Dusty struck me down. I am sure I was dead.

    The next thing I knew I was in the celestial plane, standing before the sentry of Helm. Helm was holding back slews of angels and all around me angels fought. It was vicious, the battering and ripping off of wings. They were falling from the skies and it was all out war.

    And the sentry told me then that while Helm did not want the Glory to win, he wanted me to go back to Arabel and protect the cultists. They were victims in a sense, their only sin being they wanted to believe in the angels' promises. And I believe Helm knew the hell Tallstag, Rhyzaer, and Thornlips were about to rain down on them. And the Sentry asked me to give my life for theirs if needed.

    And then the Sentry outfitted me in the finest plate mail I have ever owned, and appointed me as a Divine Champion of Helm. That is when I returned to Arabel and plotted with you to kill Rhyzaer, but the Glory got to him first. And all the rest you know.

    Hope your book is going well,


  • Dear Hatchet

    Appricated. I suspect I have to carefully edit this, but we can talk in person about such.

    Love Shui

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