Find Any Beast Or Man

  • This notice is placed on the job board near the Wild Goose

    Adventurers, Guards, Lords, and Any,

    I, Nasha of the Black Lion Tribe of Beorunna's Well, who hath been called the Gerwander, hadst been but recently in Thay wherest I hath served as BEAST TAMER to such high persons as the ODESSERON household dealeth with MANY BEASTS mundane and magic, and having hath fought in the war against the end of the world, hadst been promised payment which they didst not deliver upon, now travel HOME but in poor station.

    Seeing as how I shaleth NOT return empty handed I now make my services mercenary to any man or woman or elf, or dwarf or gnome, or whomever, who hadst been needing a tracker, tamer, and warrioress of no small merit.

    Writeth me at thee Wilde Goose wherein I takest my meals.

    ~Nasha Gerwander, Expert Tamer

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