A tragedy of power abuse and misdirection

  • [Hundreds of copies appear around the World Serpent Inn]

    Fang, my dear. As requested here is the report you wanted. I still don't know where the Militia Tower is so it is my hope that the message will be received clearly and without tampering.

    As you well know, it was a dark rainy day. The Gods truly wept and the heavens displayed their sorrow. For the pleading call of a desperate soul was to be heeded. Such was truly divine intervention for a child of no one did speak unto us all and say "Please help my sister she is diseased or cursed or both!" Naturally, the brave heroes of Arabel did hear this call and rise to action. Our honourable and noble team consisted of the following:
    Myself, Dick the Audacious
    Fang the Dragoness
    Gnome the Murderer
    Ilara the, as of yet, Unconquered
    Iden the Confused
    Horny the Horned
    and last but certainly least Other Guy the Upset.

    As our brave troupe did venture onward to the House of Horror we bonded in polite conversation. When the time came we were greeted by the Priest Sans and the father of the child Dale. After a quick exchange of pleasantries they saw fit to allow us all access to the child. It was here that things got complicated.

    Upon first inspection of the child I warned them of the threat. Ignoring me, Fang stated that any harm done to anyone in the house would be charged under the law. Accepting the higher ruling I allowed them to carry on uninterrupted. What a fool I was! Without any explanation at all there was a barrage of spells coming from all sides. Iden chanting wildly about some runes! Other guy babbling about enchantments. Murder Gnome cackling as he cast several unknown spells at the poor, innocent child. In a stunned silence I did nothing and will have to live with that for the rest of my life. For had I acted then maybe more than one innocent life could have been spared. Begging the gnome to stop the mother lashed out in terror. Oh, yeah the mother was there as well don't forget to write that bit. The mother lashed out in terror. Ineffectively trying to strike the gnome. With a single backhand of his evil fist, the gnome stuck the woman down in cold blood. Killing her on the spot.

    Her death had no effect on Fang, calling it simply a mistake to be struck from the record. But the child was not so forgiving. Enraged at this atrocity she lost the little humanity she had left and fully gave herself to the devil inside.
    Before we knew it we were stuck in a hell of her own making. Forced to play her sick game in a fight for our life and souls.

    Working as a group we found our way to a large runestone that seemed to, according to the magic folk, be powering the world we were trapped in. It was here that the "child" attacked. Surrendering herself to her true form. A large breasted woman of infinite appeal. The fight was over in moments. Spells were cast, blades struck true, GLORY FOR ALL!

    Then the realm faded and we found ourselves back in the room. The child was cured and the mother still dead. Her screams had summoned the father and the priest. After a short conversation and the families bold deceleration that they could not trust the Militia to serve and protect the people we were asked to leave.

    It is from this point onwards that there is dispute in what actually happened. I stand accused of, with no perceivable motive or end goal, slaughtering the priest, father and daughter. Then burning their home down and fleeing the scene. I am mortified to think that anyone would think so low of myself. To what end would such madness serve me? It is not my place to hurl accusations, though apparently I am the target of such, but to me it would seem the only one with motive would be someone afraid of word spreading that faith in the Militia is diminishing...

    All the best,


    Dictated but not read due to illiteracy.

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