a letter to fang with the warband seal

  • Elven Warband

    Firstly lets get a few things out of the way, while yes we were helping the glory in this instance we were not commiting treason against the crown. As special agent Fang was not a member of the militia or law officer at this time, nor were fighting crown forces. Merely draconic forces.

    This started when Kyre our retainer heard the brotherhood of the fang was going to destroy a shrine the glory had taken residence in. We felt even in war it is wrong to sac shrines of goodly human gods.

    We offered our help to stop these dragon bloods from doing such things. We met with the arch angel there. After some planning we decide to defend rather than attack. We waited and barred the gates, that is when Fang,her priest and the magi know as Adrain came.

    After a short engagement bot fang and adrian were taken prisoner, we decided to push to advance on the dragonblood camp. Battling a number of their shoulders we came apon thier leader and dragonblood priest.

    After a long drawn out battle with the priest and half blood warrior, we came out victorious. However with the loss of the arch angel it may have been pyrrhic victory, we returned to arabel Fang,priest and adrian in toe. We released them to the brother hood of the scale. The glory said they would resupply us and offer reward, they however never did.

    Reward wasn't why we did it, protecting historic shrines is why we helped. We dealt with what prisoners we had civilly, even thought I think a few still hold a grudge.

    Events as recalled by rodia arrow of solonar

    [I forgot the priests name feel free to edit that in!]

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