A Singed Statement to Fang

  • It was a fabulous day, after the slaying of a rather large amount of undead, and the ending of some rather mad necromancer, we returned to Arabel. There a crying child was met, it was learned that his name was Justin; however, he did not appear until after the entire incident was cleared. Justin spoke that his sister had come down with a sickness. We banded together to help him to aid in the curing of this “sickness”.
    Justin lead us, Naarvein, Fang, Adrian, Ilara, Richard, Gringle, and Iden to where his sister lay. We entered the building and were met with Dale, the father, and an Ilmater priest. We conversed with the two before going up to see the daughter. There in the room the daughter and mother were. The daughter had become possessed by some manner of being and was screaming in Infernal. A fight broke out and I used hold person on both the mother and daughter, then Iden tested his method out with his book and I (Gringle) began mine. I had used hold person on them earlier when the investigation began to hold both in place, obviously. That was when we first began.
    So after Iden had finished his trials, and the spell ended. I began mine. I started with a regular dispell to see if that would work. Then I followed such with a greater dispell. As soon as the spell ended the mother attacked me. In the rush of the moment I threw my fists out wildly. This unfortunately ended with her demise. I did not wish to slay anyone in the house, which is why I had used hold person when a fight broke out previously. Then the demon, I can only assume, who had taken over the daughter used the mother’s death to trap us on another plane of existence. There we began to fight through a large amount of demonic foes.
    After those were all dealt with we reached a large crystal, that seemed familiar. Inside there were both infernal and celestial runes. After discovering the crystal the real demon showed itself and the final battle commenced. We slew the creature and the crystal faded. Then we were returned to the room. The child was back to normal, but the mother was dead. Dale rushed into the room, and clouded by emotions he yelled us out. The priest came up and lead the other two away, and talked with us once more. There we learned that Justin was not the brother, and that the family never even had a family.
    Exiting the building we came across the same masked man that wanted the stones from Fang, Iden, Adrian, Naarvein, and I. Then there were screams and fire. Richard then walked outside the building. Adrian, Iden, Fang, the hooded man, and I entered again. Whatever had corrupted the child was found under the child’s bed by the hooded man who then teleported. The rest of the people were nowhere to be found.
    Upon exiting the building, the learning that Richard had left whistling raised some suspicion. With the matter “completed” I returned to the Inn, but before I ran into the one that was called Justin. He deemed himself a friend before running off.

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