Witness Statement: Sergeant Fang

  • [A sheet of parchment finds its way to Fang with a poorly scribed tale of recent events.]

    A crying child told us how his sister was sick and it had something to do with winged women and black magic.
    Fang, Adrian, Gringle, Dick, Naar, Iden and I assembled and entered the house described by the child. The father of the child, Dale, was exchanging words with a priest of Ilmater, Sans, and seemed shocked we'd arrived. He was talked down and eventually we were told to go upstairs and help his daughter, Becky.

    Within the child's room was the sick child in her bed and her mother, Anne. The child was screaming and in pain.
    Before we began, Fang claimed any deaths would be grounds for murder charges.
    Our group attempted various harmless magical spells to counter the possession we'd quickly determined was the cause, but these failed until I attempted to banish the extraplanar force with a Dismissal spell and Gringle tried to dispel it.
    Anne panicked at the various spells being slung at her child and tried to stop Gringle my slapping pitifully at him. She was unarmed and harmless. Gringle responded by beating her to death with his fists without showing remorse after the fact. Despite this, Fang made no arrests and charged no one with murder.

    We were then all brought into a pocket plane controlled by the thing inside Becky. We fought through devils and eventually found the child who turned out to be an erinyes. A devil.
    We fought her and I dismissed her to the Nine Hells, which caused the plane to collapse and return us to Becky's room where she was fast asleep.
    She woke to find her mother brutally beaten to death and screamed, which brought her father and the priest up to her room, where they were quite upset.
    After Fang failed to find any information on the possession case by questioning the grieving father and busy priest, we vacated the property all together and met a masked man that Gringle and Fang seemed to recognise outside the house.

    Then, there were more screams inside the house and a fire had started. The group blamed Dick because he was whistling, but I had never seen Dick conjure fire. Those known to me as conjurers of fire are the devil possessing Becky and its minions, Fang the half red dragon, Adrian the sorcerer, and Gringle the Kossuthian who I have witnessed burning corpses to cleanse them in my ventures with him before.

    I cannot say who left the house when, because I do not remember. I had grown bored of the pointless questioning of a distraught man and only wanted to be on my way.
    I can however, note that my trust and the victim's family's trust in the militia has vanished due to Fang's failure to deliver justice to the murdered woman, Anne, claiming self-defence voids all punishment. Gringle is known to be a friend of Fang and Dick is known to only be an annoyance. Whether it's negligence or a tyrant playing favourites, seeing this should cause anyone to lose their faith in this city.

    Ilara Breezerider

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