A letter delivered to Adrian Clairon

  • Storyteller [DM]

    [A traumatized young man, a misfortunate adventurer clearly, delivers this simple note to Adrian. He quickly mumbles about the content of the message coming from a Wailing Fog hag. The writing is messy, nervous but at least legible. The young adventurer offers no additional details and leaves in a hurry, looking rather disconcerted, if not plain embarassed]

    "I, Ursula Frogwart, Witch of the Wailing Fog, will accept your offer. You will meet with I and discuss payment. Visit at night the semi island. If you do not come within a tenday, then the next time it visits the fog, we will eat you."

  • @Matriarch said in A letter delivered to Adrian Clairon:

    t. Visit at night the semi island.

    Clearly feeling sorry for the misfortunate adventure Adrian hands over a heavy gold bag, enough for the young man take some time away from adventuring or start something new.

    // OOC: I'll trash away 2.000 GP.

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