Letter to Shui Fang from Mildred Hatchet

  • Hello Friend,

    As requested, I have put notes together on the Chalice of Tyche for your book.

    As I recall, Jaston, fists of Mercy called together a band of adventurers to help him take the chalice of Tyche. I looked for Prize that night to tell him so he could protect his diety's belonging, but he was no where to be found. Jaston surprisingly invited me to come, so I did, with the intent to at least challenge him for the chalice. I don't worship her of course, but I needed to keep it out of his hands, less he fight with Prize again. They hated one another at that time

    We fought monsters and demons of all sorts on the way to the chalice, and it was not easy. I nearly died a few times. Jaston and his accomplice Arna were there. So was Merim, the halfling with a bow, who came back to aid me as I was trapped by monsters. Finally, we got the chalice and Jaston held it up triumphantly and announced he was going to give it to his angel Faith as an offering. I fought with him, told him he should do the honorable thing and roll the die with me, but he refused.

    We treked back to town where Jaston, Fists of Mercy, had the audacity to present the chalice to the angel in front of the Tyche temple. He was making an arrogant show of it. Prize had arrived and was furious, I had to practically hold him back, and Private Thornlips showed up too, seeing the commotion. Purple Dragons were there as well. The angel did appear, and she was all smug reaching for that chalice that Jaston laid before her.

    When suddenly, the Goddess of Tyche appeared. She just came out of the temple doors. And she was pissed. She smited Jaston and Arna dead instantly. Then, She went at the angel with the vengeance of a God... we literally had an angel fighting a diety on the streets of Arabel. Chaos ensured. Purple Dragons jumped in, Private Thornlips was asking what the hell to do. I jumped in to help the purple guards, for they were after the angel and the angel struck me, and I should have died but I honestly believe Prize's diety saved me. Or maybe Helm. I was knocked out cold but not killed.

    When I came to, the angel was no more. Jaston and his follower Arna laid dead in the street, or so I thought. I saw their bodies burnt to ash. It was later after the trial of Arfas I would see the two of them again. They were resurrected with their angel wings in place.

    The rest you know. Jaston and Arna were "angels" after that. I eventually did make a sort of peace with them, but the taking of the chalice never sat well with me.

    Hope that helps with your book, let me know if you need more.


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    Shui Fang

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