Letter sent to Inmai Mush of the Mush's Museum

  • Sagelike Inmai Mush,

    Your museum collection, as well as the fleeting contemplation of Your capabilities and knowledge, allows to guess about Your knowledge of the history and events of the region. Iden is eager to hear about what You know about the warded library located in the same south-western part of the Arabel not far from Your museum.
    Iden is as well a collector. Collector of knowledge. And he have the reasons to believe that this library may contain quite a few of the pieces and bits he have come into the Cormyr for.
    Now, Iden believes in the free sharing of knowledge, but understands that as an avid collector You may desire something in return. Name it and Iden would put an effort into providing such a thing.

    Iden, the Cerulean-crimson, the Warrior-scholar.

    Warded library of the Southwest

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