A Letter to the Dwarven Embassy

  • Hello there, this is Gringle Woop, a Kossuthian bard, who is asking for some of your time. I have a proposition that I wish to discuss with a blacksmith of high caliber. I ask that the blacksmith craft a trumpet made out of some Star Iron that I have come into possession of. I offer in return that any leftover Star Iron is for your own usage as well as a favor. If these terms do not meet your standards then do call for me.

  • Admin [DM]

    So you're basically going to pay us with whatever scrap is left over from the job?

    How about, "No."

    • The Embassy

    P.S: I got better shit to do than make trumpets, why do you even want one out of Star Metal? That shit is far more useful being crafted into actually useful equipment.

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