Letter to the Militia Tower

  • Iden, the warrior-scholar, the Cerulean-crimson, expresses his desire to join the ranks of Militia.

    Among his skills are:

    • Vast knowledge, including knowledge of the relics and artifacts;
    • Ability to manipulate arcane;
    • Ability to perform beneficial resonance by virtue of being trained by the Oghman bards;
    • Analytic mind capable of working with complex patterns, and trained in the ways of objectivity;
    • Above average combat proficiency against non-undead, non-elemental and non-construct.

    Iden recommends himself for the role of an expert, loremaster, analyst, agent or archivist, but would accept any suitable vacancy. As you can see, his skill set can be exceedingly beneficial in the right circumstances. In exchange Iden wishes modest funding for his researches, and/or place to work, be it laboratory, library, meditation room or any room that can be repurposed for similar needs.

  • recieved

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