Sealed Letters Delivered to Lt. Gorgstag and another delivered to Lt. Thornwall

  • Lieutenant,

    As an inquisitor appointed by the crown, I have been tasked with investigating the death of Captain Sergie on the night of the prisoner massacre. If you were present, I ask you submit in writing an account of that night. If not, I ask what, at least, the militia was told of the event. Who killed Captain Sergie? I have been told the militia has NO written record or file of this event. A captain dies within the militia walls and there is no record?! Heads will roll over this, so think carefully what statement you would like to give to the crown and submit it to me.

    Inquisitor Mildred Prize-Hatchet
    Sheriff of the North
    Divine Champion of Helm

  • Admin [DM]

    I was hired after Sergei met Jergal for judgment. Can't describe what happened at the time, unless you want to know the name of the brothel girls I was with at the time?


  • Admin [DM]


    I wish you good fortune in getting to the bottom of this. Sadly, I was merely a sergeant rarely outside the upstairs library and with the sudden departure of former Lieutenant Gimlette, was occupied with trying to keep the tower together during the Angel Incursion.

    Lieutenant Melissa Thornwall
    Arabel Arcane Division

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