The Brother and Sisters of the Scale

  • When the mad cults descended on the realms and tried to the end the world, who stood against them?

    The Dragons did, The Great Ones, The Wise Ones, those who stand as the True Guardians of the Material!

    Chromatic and Metallic putting aside the old grudges between Queen Tiamat and King Bahamut for greater purpose and working -together- for the sake of the world

    Like in the old days when dragons ruled...

    ...and perhaps what the world needs is more of this style of draconic wisdom?

    The Brother and Sisters of the Scale is loosely linked group of pcs with draconic npc support that seeks to bring “greater draconic wisdom” to the Arabel region in various different ways. While it could be considered a dragon cult in the broad sense, it's objectives are considerably more political than spiritual, and old draconic ways being held in veneration over a deity or individual dragon.

    Alignment: Any

    Class: No paladins,clerics or druids, through exceptions can happen.

    Race: Dragonborn have plenty of reasons to be interested in a more draconic world. Aasimar and Tieflings with there strong alignment tendencies and extra planner origins might find the group harder to join. Member of any race (especially those who suffered due to the cults) might be drawn to the faction through.

    Other information: There three major dragons active in the region. Applications linked to them are a good way into the faction, through don't feel you have to have a app to join. Seeking to gain there favour (or making contact with there servants) in game is also a very valid way to join.

    PM me or Haquin if intrested!

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The three dragons mentioned are of the following color:
    A Red Dragon. (Residing in the Storm Horns)
    A Blue Dragon. (Residing in the Anauroch)
    A Gold Dragon. (Residing in the Thunder Peaks near Thunderholme)

    All active in the region.

    Please pester @Prof-Misclick for information should you wish to concept/app. 😋
    (Or I can help out some.)

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