Murder of Captain Sergie

  • On the night that Kanthea's tower caught fire, Private Thornlips and the drow Rhyzlaer killed dozens of defenseless bright eye cultists within their prison cells. This is not in question. I personally witnessed it. However, it was the night I quit the militia and left. Aftet the incident, Captain Sergie was killed by Lt. Tallstag. According to Tallstag and Thornlips, Captain Sergie went bright eye. BUT did he? And even if he did, was he not afforded a right to justice?

    Lt. Tallstag then claimed himself captain of the militia under suspicious circumstances. No charges were brought against Private Thornlips or the drow for executing prisoners without fair trial, and in fact Thornlips was promoted to Lieutenant and the drow given the Southeast part of the city. This will be the most difficult investigation of all as there have been no witnesses so far other than Tallstags or Thornlips word, both seeking power and having personal motive to see Captain Sergie gone.

    I have requested the militia release their records on this incident and plan to interview members of the militia who were present that night. This is an open case on the militia, so keep in mind, this information must remain confidential.

    Inquisitor Mildred Hatchet

  • 28th Day of Mirtil 1389.
    After speaking with Sergeant Fang I have found out the militia has NO record or file at all on the incident of the death of Captain Sergie within militia walls on the night of the prisoner massacre. THIS is highly suspicious and definitely should at least be reprimanded! A captain of the militia is killed in the militia and there is NO record if it!

    Inquisitor Mildred Hatchet-Prize

  • Statement from Captain Tallstag taken the 27th day of Mirtil 1389.

    "I don’t remember anything so can’t explain anything. Blame the drow. That’s my statement."

    After more questioning, he claims,
    "I wasn't at the event in question. I only stumbled upon the events later. So I cannot accurately report the events you request.

    Capt. Tallstag"

  • Hatchet, so you know there are arcane spells that can force a person to speak the truth and only the truth so you can doublecheck if someone really "don't remember anything"...

    ~ Clarion

  • I am most interested in this. We will talk. The investigation is going nowhere with the militia all claiming they dont know what happened.

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