Murder of Lord Hawklin

  • The murder of Lord Hawklin took place during the upsurge of the Glory and while the militia was under Captain Tallstag and Lt. Thornlips. It was during this reign that a meeting was called by the militia, House Ebonhawk, and the Dragons who were planning to attack the Glory and possibly the Celestia at the time. I was invited but declined as I felt personally an attack on the Celestia would be an insult to the Gods, and especially Helm who was holding the gates. Although not personally present for this meeting, information I received after from several witnesses indicated Lord Hawklin was poisoned and by Lady Ebonhawk who offered him the wine.

    The account I received from the dragon Kalaseesha prior to her departure from the city was that Lady Ebonhawk gave Lord Hawklin wine at the meeting, at which time he became in extreme pain and frothed at the mouth, dying almost immediately after drinking it. Then Lady Ebonhawk bragged of his death and with super human strength for a woman her size, held his body over her head with one hand.

    The witnesses to this event included Shui Fang. Who has agreed to give a full account in writing but has confirmed this verbally. Any information regarding the death of Lord Hawklin should be collected in this file.

    Records regarding Lord Hawklin's death have been officially requested from the militia and will be added here once received.

    Inquisitor Mildred Hatchet-Prize

  • Hatchet, Hawklin was possibly assassinated and "taken care" by Ebonhawk, at least that's what the report says. I imagine someone that important who died in under such a terrible manner should be buried with honors and the House of the Dead to be called to take care of such. Get their report as well, ask if they were involved.

    I would find it very suspicious if he was buried without all the formality demanded by House of the Dead, it could be an indication someone was pulling the strings to avoid any investigation. It might come to a point where, if you find where he was buried, to ask the cause of death.

    If it was indeed poison that can be detected by anyone with enough knowledge, give me access to the body and I can tell you what killed him, but please ask House of the Dead first, I don't want to touch a body months old...the smell it must have...oh god....

    But chances are they burned the body, that would be the smart thing to do.

    ~ Clarion.

  • Statement Received from Agent Fang 28th day of Mirtil.

    Report on the death of Lord Hawklin.

    A war meeting was held within the Hawklin Estate by the House of Ebonhawk. It was originally going to be held by Lt Thornlips, but by this point she had fled her post, after getting half our adventurers based forces killed. Instead the Lord Ebonhawk, Lady Ebonhawk and Lord Hawklin chaired the meeting instead. Several matter came up, which I will only touch on for the most part. Firstly I raised that blue dragoness Lady Eotude. Was seeking artefact in the desert to counter the Glory angel. Strog the bronze dragon blooded dwarf suggested we seek aid from Thunderholme and far more notable the Red Mother gang (whose bounties had been revoked) suggested that Red Mothers aberrant trees be planted around the city, a act that House Ebonhawk seemed to be quiet eager for them to do might I add.
    Anyway during this Lady Ebonhawk brought Lord Hawklin a drink. And after a while he took a sip from it, immediately afterwards he started coughing, before dropping to the floor very dead. Lady Ebonhawk then stated “being a Glory Eyes was illegal and punishable by death” before taking a sip from the same drink with no ill effects what so ever. She also picked up his body and took it away, carrying with the sort of ease I would expect a half dragon like myself to, and not like the lithe and delicate looking woman she is.
    I also like to point out that at no part did I see any spells being cast, so if she was using such, she must have used them before entering the area. However I have heard rumours that she a vampire, and drinking poison and having great strength does fit with that... but its quite possible she either some other none humanoid being like a Outsider shapeshifting or has access to magical items that grant great strength and poison immunity.

    Regardless, investigating a noble and her magical item collection is past my authority and outside my skill set.

    Sergeant Shui Fang

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