L-Eagle Short Stories: Possessive Forces

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    Hello Everyone!

    I will be running short plots with a very limited run time that are open to everyone. They will be run "chapter style" where multiple events may run over a couple of day period and the following chapter will be influenced by all of the actions taken by players in the previous chapter. Consequences, both good and bad, will be determined by how involved your character was in the story. Some of these will involve action and combat, others intrigue and mystery but there will be something for everyone in every story, but not necessarily in every chapter.

    My first story will be called "Possessive Forces." Anyone with a character is free to join in or if you are interested, you can create a new character to participate. This particular story has some origin slots you can fill if you don't have a character currently and want some ideas on a quick start back in.

    I will be running a series of Prelude events this weekend to start building up to the official start. Not sure on my times available for Friday but I will be around most of the day Sunday running this or other events.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    First Prelude Event 30 minutes to 1hr

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Chapter 1 Finale Sunday 23 June 2019. The last group of events to participate in for this chapter before the story moves on. Will run various events tomorrow but will have one finale event once I can get enough of the players who participated online together.

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