Letter to Kanthea

  • Estimated Archmage,

    Every research I do, every tome I read and every conversation about the arcane I have your name comes up as either a reference or solution for what I plan to do. Especially after reading some content about Conflux points...

    Its been proven time and time again, especially after the Glory war, the city cannot rely only on the goodwill and judgment of our current forces to defend itself against an external threat. Mainly now that Purple Dragons lack the numbers I wouldn't be surprised if the city suffered an attack from savages, or worse.

    Therefore I seek both your insight and knowledge for what I plan to do. I plan to create at least three wards, three powered but inactive summoning circles or inactive portals, placing it outside each city gates.

    The idea is to provide the city with an emergency safety mechanism that, in case of dire need, it would activate the portals and summon allies to defend it. I tried to break it down what I think it needs to be done, but I would gladly need your insight here.

    1. Find proper components to create the summoning portal itself; I imagine components capable of withstanding strong summoning or planar binding spells - Netherese alloys, perhaps?

    2. Craft a power supply to keep the portals operational, yet dormant, as well as a trigger/key mechanism, possibly a control rod for activation.

    3. Charge the portal with the proper spells.

    4. Most important of all, create a component that will be consumed in exchange for obedience-collaboration otherwise, we would need to rely on previous pact with a chosen entity to guarantee it answers to our cry for help.

    I still need further research and also a place I can perform a few experimentations, especially which components I should use to create the circle, how to create a power source or how to harvest energy to keep it operational throughout time, and most of all some planar/portal binding.

    I know it might be too much to ask, but what would it take to have some level of access to your library so I can find these the answers I need? It would also be a grand honor to watch some of your work closely and learn from it; I would gladly pay for it with any service you see fit.

    ~ Clarion

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