A letter left with the half orcs in the Hullack

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    Bobbash, mighty orc chief

    I am currently seeking a elven lady / sorceress of the House Starym, who went missing in this region a few months ago.

    Her warband has caused me considerble trouble in the past, backstabing me to aid the Glory Cult, or as you may know them, "those bright eyed angel lovers screaming about the end of the world". I belive your people had your own troubles with golden eyed madmen too, so you can likely guess how much trouble these elves caused by helping them out.

    As you can also likely guess, I would rather enjoy making them suffer, and either handing them there ladies head or watching there reactions to her going on trial for treason would do such.

    So being a obvous foe of the elves and powerfull leader, I was wondering if you knew anything about this elven bitches current location?

    Sergant Shui Fang of the Arabel Milita, She Who is of Red Dragon Blood

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