Sealed Letters to Ined, Adrian Clarion, and Amal

  • Greetings My Appointed Deputies:

    I plan to meet with you all, but much has happened and I want to make sure that you are well aware.

    I was called upon by the envoy of the crown and the crown has officially appointed me Inquisitor. My role is such that I will be investigating the possible war crimes that have taken place and the corruption of the militia. The crown is especially wanting investigations into the death of Lord Hawlin, the death of Captain Sergie, the role of House Ebonhawk, the role of the drow Ryhzaer and his appointment to power, and the militia corruption that may have taken place. As you can see, this is quite a lot of duties and a huge responsibility and I shall need your help in these matters.

    But I will not lie to you. We are in a dangerous position. We are investigating powerful nobels and the militia itself. We will need to watch our backs at ALL times. As Inquisitor, the militia can no longer dismiss me nor make up charges on me, and I am afforded strong protection from the crown. To some extent, I can protect you if you are acting on my behalf to investigate. However, the crown did make it clear to me that there will be no protection for my deputies if you decide to do things on your own, so to speak. You are here to assist with the investigations.

    That being said, communication is key. I am a fair and open sort, so if you have ideas, or think there is a route we should be investigating, then speak up. FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY, do not go rogue or fail to get my backing. You are my most trusted allies at this time, and will be dealing with very sensitive and confidential information we cannot share with anyone. You will be in danger for your life. So if any of you feel this is too much for you, let me know now. I will completely understand if you refuse such responsibility.

    If you decide to stay on, we will headquarter at Hawklins Estate. We will have access to any militia files we need, and I am requesting several now. (//we have our own forum.)

    Very Respectfully,

    Inquisitor Mildred Hatchet-Prize
    Sheriff of the North
    Divine Champion of Helm

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