Official Request to The Arabel Militia Inquisitor Mildred Hatchet-Prize

  • To Any and All Superiors of the Arabel Militia:

    If you are not already fully aware, I, Mildred Hatchet-Prize have officially been appointed by the crown itself to the position of Inquisitor. I will be investigating many of the possible war crimes that occurred during the period of the Glory surge including but not limited to the murder of Lord Hawklin, the conduct of the militia, possible corruption of the militia, and the death of Captain Sergie. All militia records are subjected to be handed over to me for investigation. Not doing so, will be in direct violation of the crown.

    In addition, Judge Johan has been re-instated and I expect a fair and just judicial system from here on out for any being accused of crimes. Martial law is no longer in affect and it is expected that the militia follow Arabel law to the fullest and citizens are afforded their proper rights.

    Therefore, I request the following militia records:

    All records pertaining to the death of Lord Hawklin.

    All records and accountings of the night that the Drow and Private Thornlips killed the bright eyed prisoners in their cell.

    All records pertaining to the death of Captain Sergie.

    All records or accountings of dealings between the drow Ryhzaer and the militia.

    All records of any executions of citizens during the period of the Glory Surge being sure to clarify what crimes and proof they were executed on.

    All investigations and records regarding vampires.

    Any records regarding House Ebonhawk.

    I expect the records to be delivered to the Hawklin Estate in a timely fashion. And one last thing, the crown has officially lifted the bounty on me. I expect full cooperation. Anything less will be reported directly to the crown.

    Inquisitor Mildred Hatchet-Prize
    Sheriff of the North
    Divine Champion of Helm.

  • Come by the tower, I will let you view the files directly.

    Sergant Fang

  • Will get with you tonight.


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