Letter to Auhron

  • Auhron

    I am currently working on a history of the Glory war, if you feel there is any information or facts I might not know of or likely misunderstand, this is your chance to state them. I would especialy appricate a comment about what you think the Glory is and how you justified your wars against Gond and the other clearly none evil powers.

    On another I also have yet to hear you react properly to the Royal Proclamation, the Oath of Fealty can easly been done in front of myself, Hatchet or Wulfrik in a setting as private or public as you wish.

    The Crown has decided to show mercy, through I do warn you that failing to swear the oath after as reasonable period of time will result in the bounty on your head being fully reactivated.

    Special Agent Shui Fang

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