OOC: Inquisitor Special Position

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    This position cannot be applied for on-creation, and there can only be one Inquisitor at any one time.

    Due to some recent issues within the City of Arabel, the Judges of the Crown have taken it upon themselves to appoint an Inquisitor. This Investigator will look into issues and concerns brought to them and is independent of any other office in the land, other than the King.

    He or she is to bring an even hand to the investigation and present an evidence to the Court in front of a panel of Judges.


    • Will hold a Large books of Cormyr Law. This will be used to guide the Inquisitor in his or her investigations.

    • Judges will provide clarity on any points of law.

    • The Inquisitor is no Judge but has the powers to investigate on behalf of the Court and will present such to the Court when the investigations have concluded.

    • Will be based out of the Palace in Arabel, room and office will be provided and Wards in place provided by the War Wizards to insure all evidence is kept safe.

    • The Inquisitor has the protection of the Law behind them, so as long as they remain within the Law they may do what ever is needed to complete their investigations. They are not above the Law!

    • First point of order shall be the investigation of the death of Lord Hawklin and possible corruption within the militia, then work on any issues needing investigation brought to them.

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