Letter to Deputy Amal from Sheriff Mildred Hatchet

  • Greetings Amal,

    It seems we have had difficulty connecting of late and I need an update on the status of the Southwest. I recently wrote a letter to the Heralds of Comry outlining the crimes of Tallstag, Lady Ebonhawk, and the militia, especially Lt. Thornlips. They are sending an envoy from the crown to speak with me. I am quite sure they will want to know the status of the Glory and if the city is coming to peaceful terms. They are also going to lift martial law and reinstate a court system and judge, something I think we agree on. Please let me know where the followers of the Glory stand on creating peace and becoming servants of the crown again? What would be fair terms if there are still issues? I cannot promise anything, but that the crown is coming to restore order is a promising sign for all.


    Mildred Hatchet-Prize
    Sheriff of the North
    Divine Champion of Helm

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