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  • No whining please. Keep this thread strictly to ideas and critique of ideas.

    Open up the opportunity to become a DM. With a low DM count, I think it could help to simply recruit more DMs. From what I understand, no one really "asks" to become a DM, but maybe now is a good time to consider changing that policy.

    EDIT by Harry:

    If you whine in this thread I'll just remove your posting privileges for a week. DMs determine whether you're whining or not. If you troll in this thread you'll be banned for a week. DMs determine if you're trolling or not.

    DMs won't troll this thread either. If you have real suggestions about how to move the server out of the slump, go ahead. Keep in mind that we can't magically go up to five or six active DMs from nowhere. Those of us who can't play right now really can't shuffle around our lives to come and play.

  • My idea from the original thread that got hijacked. Also, if you could apply to be a DM I would totally do that, I've always preferred being the storyteller and being able to help make other peoples stories comes to life which is probably why I make so many characters.

    Less factions that are about/related to controlling the city. It seems to me that a faction whose main agenda is to take as much control of the city as they can quickly gets overwhelming and/or boring. Some of the most universally enjoyed factions seem to be the ones that are just focused on a simple yet interesting goal, like the Cog or the EO. Less Mages Guild/Sheriffs/Red Hart, more story driven factions in my opinion.

  • Would it possible, to create factions in a way that involved less dm involvement for them to recruit?

    I am thinking something along the lines of the recent Greencastle, and to some extend the mages guild. These factions seem to be working far better than say some of our older version factions like sheriffs or Harts, where it takes an application to get into the faction?

    Something where players could join, and when they show the right spirit, get recommendation from higher ups be they npc or pc, they could then climb the ladder for more perks and such?

  • I edited the original post to make clear what is acceptable and what isn't in this thread.

  • Had this one that's still dangling from the old thread.

    1 - Let the player base have more OOC say in how the server is run.
    in the old days, with newbie players pouring in, it was fine to have the DM running everything. Now, the core player base is veterans who know the dynamics of CoA as well as most DMs, this seems to work less. The EO discussion is a fine example of this. If enough players want it back, by all means bring it back. If players all want HAKs, bring in HAKs. Same with new factions. If the players had some vote on what kind of new faction to add to the server, then they would feel more excited about it. it would simply break down the barriers between the playerbase and the DMs. Also, would take the pressure off the DMs.

  • I like Firesides last idea. Lets go through the old suggestion thread about faction ideas (which had some really great ideas), let the DMs big their three favourites ideas, make a poll and the player base votes on the one they want most. Then make the faction. I really think thats a good idea.

  • I don't trust putting the direction of the server in the hands of the playerbase this way. It's better to have the smaller community of DMs decide this.

  • @O'louth:

    Would it possible, to create factions in a way that involved less dm involvement for them to recruit?

    This is actually a great idea, and something we're working on implementing.

    We've been testing ways for PC Faction leaders and higher ups to handle promotions as well; we've also been very open to good faction ideas.

    Honestly, we're pretty reasonable folks; if you have ideas and you present them respectfully we will most certainly listen to them!

    And on that same note, I will ask, respectfully as I wish to be treated myself: Try to be constructive in this thread, this is something you've asked for and we want to leave it here, but if it derails into pure negativity, no one gets helped. So, please, post respectfully, and post intelligently. Thank you.

  • Would it be possible to implement something like a bank that instead of storing money, would store items? A sort of bank of permanent storage, that costs a fee to use. This would help those of us who want to store gear for faction members, or for auctions. I like to outfit my faction members, but it can be a challenge to carry everything your faction might need. This would also give players a place to store plot items that are drop able, and would prevent loss of items to pick pocket or looting.

    It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to earn an IG player base, this would help deal with the logistics in the meanwhile.

  • We decided before I left for the summer to make persistent storage easier to acquire. If it wasn't implemented, it's just because nobody had time.

  • That's exciting!

  • @HarryMcScary:

    We decided before I left for the summer to make persistent storage easier to acquire. If it wasn't implemented, it's just because nobody had time.

    Persistent storage was available for the Slime Cult early on, so yes, this is a definite PC faction perk to earn easier than before.

  • Dont know if it can be done or if it's a good idea but it seems like alot of items found in the game seem to get left in the guildhall on the floor not being used could this be changed?

  • here's a cool idea that I like but no one else probably will.

    Give eveningstar a separate caravan system that competes with Arabel's caravan. The amount of caravans completed correlates to the amount of cash each city respectively has. The cash earned would be made public so the player base can see their accomplishments and with the cash earned the player base can decide what to do with it. We can decide to build buildings, raise a millitia, build a moat, buy a lot of hookers, whatever is voted upon.

    Dm and player factions can be built around the caravans and the opposing sides would possibley sabotage each other to gain the uperhand.

    Would also be cool if we knew what the caravans held. A bloodstone caravan would produce a lot of money but Eveningstar wouldn't touch it.

  • The idea of a charity bin has been brought up before. I like that idea. The chest can be emptied every re-set.

  • I've been pondering some kind of solution for asynchronous-plot stuff. Despite the lack of DMs, a few people in my timezone would still go out searching for the Lost Glove of Trom or Gathering Things For a Ritual. But then with no or busy DM, they never really get to perform the Ritual or find the Lost Glove of Trom, and this likely leads to less people doing the kind of stuff COA used to be great for.

    Maybe it'd be possible with an Earn-In-Game application idea have some kind of outcome based on screenshot evidence of what you're trying to do? Less than ideal, I suppose.

    Also, maybe lower the PC numbers required on quests across the board to a minimum of 2? Sometimes it's just me and one other dude logged in, and it'd be nice to be able to quest with higher level PCs.

    Wouldn't mind another open area "quest" for mid levels like Stonelands, where you can just go and explore/kill things/find a bit of gold/xp if there's only one or two people on.

  • Alot of early Kreswell stuff we did was gathering items for rituals etc. This was cool because it gave up direction and stuff to do without a DM. Shopping lists might seem abit lame, but with the right RPers, it can really come alive and give a group a fun focus.

  • Add more loot. Actually have a loot vending machine. People can like go out and farm Mountain bear pelts and orc heads and ichor, then go to gnomish machine and turn the stuff in to get a random item. Actually having the machine to give out those random item crafting gems of various qualities depending on the bounties turned in. That would be so awesome. Since not only will it decrease lag, it'll give people a chance to fully use the crafting system to the max.

  • Idea I had a while back concerning persistent storage. Have a few persistent chests hidden in the far reaches of the wilds, caves etc, acting as permanent hiding places, that anyone who finds them can use. Advantages are:

    • More exploration to find these places.
    • PCs can set up treasure hunt style thingies that last over resets.
    • Storage for PC factions, with the added fun/risk of having them plundered.

  • Bonus items, hidden special items in hard to find places that may trigger special passages or with an item if you find it (contact x dm) that can forward a small plot. Example: John smith explores the upperdark and after killing a queen spider finds a signit ring in the spider stomach the on the description it says ooc contact dm x. The ring the player found belonged to an ex member of an ex cult group and ex cult group try's to find x player so the ring can't backtrack them to the group

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